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Sriram Kannan,Managing Director

Sriram Kannan

Managing Director

The Indian textile machinery sector is fore casted to reach Rs.32,000-35,000 in the next five years; thanks to the Government of India initiatives like Make in India and incentives for manufacturing sector. While technology advancement is the need of the hour, majority of these advancements engender soil, air& water pollution through untreated waste and effluent generation placing heavy burden on environment. Textile sector utilizes 2000+ varieties of chemical, dyes & other auxiliaries that cause various diseases and often result in an employee's death. Hosting a paradigm shift in the way textile industry works in India, Nuva Machine Works India Pvt. Ltd.(established in 2008 by Meyyappa Kannan(Chairman)& Murat Rasna(Technical Director))– a technically innovative and professionally managed engineering firm designs, constructs& supplies eco-friendly and low operation cost textile machineries(knitted textile wet processing). These eco-friendly machineries improve quality & productivity of garment and reduce the consumption of energy, water& chemicals in the entire process. In fact, Nuvas is the first company to introduce low water consumption machine in India.

Today, majority of textile manufacturers struggle to maintain low liquor ratio and obtain the targeted production efficiency. Overcoming these dilemmas is Nuvas’ knitted & woven fabric dyeing machineries - Asymmetric flow & Eccentric flow fabric, that not only perform trouble free processing in ultra low liquor ratio (1:2.5-1:3), utilize less water(70 percent), steam, electricity& chemical(60 percent) but also uphold higher loading capacity (100 percent) and minimize effluent discharge(70 percent).
These products are constantly upgraded throughout the year with adjustable J box, high speed reel 650mtrs/min and auto filter cleaning system& adjustable nozzle (for variable pressure and flow), paving the way for customers’ better performance and profitability. Hence Nuvas takes the pleasure of going hand-in-hand with both the industry and environment.

"Nuvas is the first company to introduce low water consumption machine in India After installation,we generally have around 50 trials at the customer’s place and the fabric result is tested in third party laboratories"

Assuring Quality
In contrast to other companies that outsource their services, Nuvas accomplishes 90 percent manufacturing in-house at its Tirupur(Tamil Nadu) established plant spread across 6.15 acres land, comprising of production bay(25,000 sq.ft.)and well organized & equipped store (5000 sq.ft.), which helps accomplish on time production. The production unit incorporates all latest technologies such as KUKA robotic arm (component and main vessel welding), and 3D stimulation(designs & research applications), and is equipped with Grid blasting facility to develop (monthly) soft flow machines(10), tubular squeezers(two) and open-width squeezing ranges (two), and ensure international standard finishing. Besides, the company has strong tie-up with Barco Sedo, Germany and ONURSAN VANA, Turkey for the PLC and process valves respectively.

What sets Nuva apart from others is its unique feature of crafting entire set of high temperature & pressure fabric dyeing machines with mandatory default six safety systems, be it any segment(manual, semi auto or full auto), thereby securing 3M’s (man, machine and material). To further ensure the quality of machineries, the company maintains an exclusive quality control department, checks the pressure and quality of material (before dispatch) in association with third party(TUV)and supports clients with process training, new process development and assist them in
managing equipments periodically. “After installation, we generally have around 50 trials at the customer’s place and the fabric result is tested in third party laboratories, thereby assuring the quality of the cloth product,”adds Sriram Kannan, Managing Director,Nuva Machine Works India Pvt. Ltd.

Additional Benefits
Nuvas also offers one year warranty & guarantee for its entire products from the date of installation and manages a separate team for after sales service & erection who work under three selected divisions- mechanical, electrical and process. The company that is formulated by the collaborative effort of Indian and Turkish technocrats is currently serving huge clientele base from India (Tirupur, Erode, Karur, Perundurai, Ludhiana, Panipat, and Kolkata), Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Egypt.

With a team of a strong technical force and latest infrastructure, Nuvasen visions becoming one of the global front runners in the area of manufacturing eco-friendly textile machineries by adapting innovative ideas & maintaining global quality standards. Soon, Nuvas will introduce the advanced version of dyeing machine Eccentric Flow Plus with updated features like auto dry salt dosing, XY platting and auto sensing(online water filling system &online washing system). “Through this, we can improve the customer’s productivity with nearly four lots a day and hence ensure the efficiency of the industry, which in-turn meet the rising demand of the fashion and lifestyle industry,” concludes Sriram.

Key Management
Sriram Kannan, Managing Director
Since 2009, Sriram is constantly working towards making Nuva a next generation textile manufacturer. His vast experience aids the company to implement innovation with quality in the dyeing machinery field and provide utmost customer satisfaction.


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