Nilkamal: Offering Comfortable, Smart, Customized & Robust Office Furniture

Hiten V Parekh,  Joint Managing Director

Hiten V Parekh

Joint Managing Director

In today’s era, an average office worker spends around eight hours a day seated at their desk, which affects their health. Hence, there is a dire need of ergonomically designed workstations in every organization. The arrangements of chairs and desks in an office should aim at creating an ambiance that is employee friendly. An ergonomically designed workstation allows an employee to produce the best results while maintaining good health. Offering exactly the same is Nilkamal, the world’s largest Moduled Furniture company. This Mumbai based organization focuses highly on the ergonomic design to offer best in class office furniture for the workstations. “We leverage competitive & smart engineering technique to provide longer life of the products, along with utmost comfort to the users,” states Hiten V Parekh, Joint Managing Director, Nilkamal.

Comfortable & Robust Furniture
Nilkamal is a 1934 established Furniture Solution company that covers almost all segments in the sector and deals with an array of products, including Plastic Furniture, Home Furniture, Office Furniture, and many more. However,
its passion for Office Seating Solutions makes it a top choice among most of the offices. The office chairs offered by Nilkamal are most comfortable for long seating and are aesthetically designed for enhancing the look of the office. From basic needs to top-quality designs, the company strives to provide intelligent solutions under its office segment. For instance, cable tray is used for the hassle free management for laying cable in the office furniture. However, many top brands install the cable tray under the table, which results in inconvenient laying of the wires through the tray.

With the combination of top technology, high quality materials and design experts, we offer customercentric solutions in all of our products

Nilkamal addresses this basic need and offers smart solution on its Unite Modular System by installing the cable tray in the table frame, which allows full access of the cable during office setup. It also provides wide cable tray for easy access and linking of the electrical, telephonic and computer network wiring. Apart from such clever solutions, the company is also known for its customization options, quick execution and strong build. From various choices of fabrics for Office Chairs & Screens to wide choice of Laminates for Table Tops and various colour options for Modesty Panels to various dimensions of length & breadth of the products,
Nilkamal offers utmost flexibility in terms of customization.

Another factor that differentiates Nilkamal from its peers is its stringent nature of fulfilling the customer requirements. “We look seriously at our customer needs & invest even when the business vertical is young. With the combination of top technology, high quality materials and design experts, we offer customer centric solutions in all of our products,” states Hiten. To ensure the utmost quality of the products, Nilkamal’s operations team performs aggressive testing on the products as per international standards (BIFMA compliant). To ensure ergonomics and comfort of the products, the prototypes are even used by the Head of Design before finalizing it, while making necessary changes throughout. Moreover, the quality of product design is established by testing 15 pieces to understand the performance level of the product. Even if one piece performs poorly, the product goes back for improvement. Nilkamal’s standardized system across all factories ensures that every production process is documented & maintained in a very tight band, confirming that every output is a quality output.

The company recently launched Thames Chair for SOHO (small office, home office) with one single allen key which fits all the screws supplied in the box that buyers can use to assemble the product in just 10 minutes. With such dedicated services, Nilkamal is expecting doubling its revenue in the current financial year and aims to push office furniture business as one of its key businesses.