SOSE: Reviving the 'Ancient Bharat' through the Widest Range of Ethical & Authentic Organic Products

Gopalbhai Sutariya& Gopeshbhai Sutariya,Founders, Bansi Gir Gaushala

Gopalbhai Sutariya& Gopeshbhai Sutariya

Founders, Bansi Gir Gaushala

It’s an undeniable fact that the demand for organic products is on an upsurge. While the industry strives to regain trust and make quality statements in the market, a report from Assocham and Ernst & Young predicts that the efforts will start to pay off sooner than later. The data shows that the organic produce market in India has been growing at a CAGR of 25 percent and is expected to touch Rs.10,000-12,000 crore by 2020. The next phase of this revolution, however, is democratizing the organic products. For that to occur, the industry needs to ‘earn’ consumers’ trust, which will take going back to the basics to our ancient Indian culture which used to be a world with no harmful chemicals and fertilizers.

An organic foods, natural home care & handmade personal care brand from the house of Suryan Organic, SOSE makes a determined attempt to revive ‘Gau Sanskriti’, our ancient Indian culture that places the Gaumata (‘Cow’ as the Divine Mother) at the center of all economic, cultural and social activities. SOSE manifests that reviving the goodness of this culture, which has its foundation in agriculture, has solutions to the health problems faced by ‘Bharat’ and humanity at large. The company indeed walks the talk by offering practically everything that a consumer would require to lead an organic lifestyle. We are talking about over 2500 organic products. The range of products goes beyond organic foods like grains & groceries, snacks & beverages to include Ayurvedic healthcare supplements, and even handmade personal care products, natural utensils and home care items. All the products are available offline(through SOSE Organic boutiques) & online.

Let’s take the example of Ghee. According to Ayurveda, Ghee in its purest form is one of the most nutritious & medicinal foods and is strongly recommended for daily consumption. However, not all Ghee available in the market are the same. Two of the most important parameters to consider are the method of preparation, which has to be Ayurvedic, and whether the Ghee is sourced from healthier local breed cows. The dairy ‘Ghee’ commonly available in the open market is made out of milk cream, and it ends up being isolated milk fat that causes cholesterol. This is where SOSE makes a difference by preparing its organic Gir Ahinsak Gau Ghee (from Indian-breed cows) through ancient Ayurvedic procedure; not to mention the devotional approach towards Goumata care. Gir Ahinsak Gau Ghee can be used for regular cooking as well as in the form of health tonic. While designing new products which are in line with the Ayurvedic philosophy, the company always ensures that they are appealing to modern youth. The case in point is products like Go Vita Powder milk mix, which is an ‘Arjuna-bark-powered’ healthier alternative to commercial malt mixes.

"SOSE indeed walks the talk by offering practically everything that a consumer would require to lead an organic lifestyle. We are talking about over 2500 organic products"

Origin & Inspiration - Non-Profit Social Commitments of 'The Gaushala'
As Rome wasn’t built in a day, so wasn’t SOSE. Incepted in 2015 by Gopeshbhai Sutariya, Ahmedabad-based SOSE is highly inspired by the mission of and works closely with Bansi Gir Gaushala(declared as the number one Gaushala in Bharat by the Government in 2017). The non-profit guiding organization, Bansi Gir Gaushala has a world of story to tell about its passion and love towards Gopalan(non-exploitative Vedic cow rearing & breeding), and inspiring & transforming the lives of thousands of farmers across India. Home to 700+ Gaumata’s and Nandi’s across 18 ‘Gotra’s’(closest English word being ‘lineage’)of Gir breed the Gaushala was established in 2006 by Gopalbhai Sutariya, who has dedicated his life towards reviving Bharat’s Gau Sanskriti.

The Gaushala is spread out on a campus of 376,000 square yards and is best-known for its exemplary, Vedic practices of cow rearing. For instance, every calf in the Gaushala is free to feed to its satisfaction from two‘anchals’(teats) while the remaining two are left to obtain milk for human consumption. In addition, unlike in the normal ranches, the Gaushala never ‘gets rid’of older non-lactating cows or male calves, and never compromises on the quality or quantity of
food and water offered to each irrespective of the amount of milk that she produces.

Having built from scratch, the Gaushala’s non profitable activities today include social initiatives like Jinjva Ghaas Yojana and Nandi Gir Yojana, to name a couple of them. It arranges Jinjva Grass seeds for free and over 5000 farmers have taken advantage of this scheme over the years. Nandi Gir Yojana is projected towards the improvement of Bharatiya Gir breed, as the Gaushala offers its extremely well bred Nandi’s to other trusted Gaushalas and villages through this scheme.

Every year, hundreds of people across the country including Gaumata devotees, saints, Ayurveda experts, Agricultural Scientists, farmers and the general public visit the Gaushala to learn from Gopalbhai or share their expertise. This cumulative knowledge indeed is powerful enough to transform our lifestyle and the country itself to the prime days ahead.

Gir Go-Krupa Amrutam Probiotic Powerful Gift to Farmers, Blending Gopalan, Agriculture & Ayurveda
Under the aegis of Gopalbhai, the Gaushala today has come a long way from being a centre of excellence in Gopalan to introducing new practices in organic farming. For example, it’s been only a couple of months since Bansi Gir Gaushala launched ‘Gir Gau Krupa Amritam’ a probiotic bacterial culture for Agriculture which has over 40 different strains of friendly bacteria, a global innovation in organic farming. This bacterial culture boasts of many years of research and collaborating with leading Agricultural Universities in India. This bacterial culture helps to supply Nitrogen, Phosphorus and other minerals present in the atmosphere and the soil in pre-digested form to plants. This culture also helps to improve plant immunity, rejuvenation and growth. Farmers across India have reported tremendous improvements in plant immunity and crop quality after using this probiotic for only one season. This revolutionary bacterial culture is being offered free to all organic farmers or farmers desiring to convert to organic farming with incredible results.

Every year, hundreds of people across the country visit the Gaushala to learn from Gopalbhai or share their expertise

Bansi Gir Gauveda: Healing with Authentic Ayurveda and Ethical Gopalan
Reviving the Ancient ‘Bharat’ however can’t be just tied around a range of organic lifestyle products and farming methodologies. The Gaushala and SOSE have a deeper vision of transforming healthcare paradigms in the country with a significant inclination to the Ayruvedic way. This thought has led to another initiative under the Gaushala, Bansi Gir Gauveda, which pilots a mission to serve humanity by offering highly potent Ayurvedic supplements by using the synergy between Vedic Gopalan and Ayurveda. The Gaushala’s proprietary formulas and processes developed under the guidance of some of the best Ayurvedic practitioners culminate in a range of authentic healthcare products.

“We are on a mission to change the way people think about food, healthcare and lifestyle. We wish to bring powerful Ayurvedic concepts to every household. Promoting Bansi Gir Gauveda is the most significant part of this mission”, says Gopeshbhai, Founder, SOSE. Bansi Gir Gauveda supplements have proved to be highly popular and effective in improving the condition of people suffering from a wide horizon of health concerns such as joint pains, bone & muscular disorders, women’s health issues, hair fall, sleep disorders, and respiratory disorders. “Modern science has recognized that Gaubased products are bio-enhancers, which significantly improves the potency of herbal supplements when they are mixed or processed in them. This makes it possible to target the roots of the disease, and achieve and enhance wellness more effectively,” adjoins Gopesh.

SOSE - Improving the Lives of Farmers & Consumers A like
“We are associated with over 5000 organic farmers. Our commitment towards farmers springs from our vision of ‘Samruddh Kissan, Samruddh Bharat’,” says Gopeshbhai. The company also helps farmers develop their business with new products and marketing. In the case of small-scale farmers, its helps them acquire organic certifications and get their produce tested in a laboratory if required. In other words, the company reduces market uncertainties for farmers.

On the flip side, SOSE’s efforts towards gaining the trust of the market also have been successful big time. A huge chunk of credit goes to its meticulous, never-compromising approach. Unlike the conventional practice, the company while sourcing insists on solid proof beyond the certifications to ascertain that the produce is truly organic in nature. In case of any incertitude, it gets the products tested in independent laboratories, so that the consumers are assured of the purity and authenticity of what they buy. In addition, resellers can be similarly confident when they showcase SOSE products at their outlets.

Adhering to stringent food quality and organic standards & certifications like FSSAI, USDA and NPOP, SOSE has grown at a CAGR of over 40 percent since its inception, and is excited about new opportunities ahead in 2020, while being acutely aware of its responsibilities towards the society. SOSE’s customer base, stores, and farmers’ network continue to grow, as it seeks to find solutions to modern day problems from our ancient past. In addition to planning to add new franchisee sales outlets, strengthening its online presence, working closely with supplier farmers to improve sourcing mechanisms and introducing new products, SOSE also aspires to enter the export market in the near future.

Key Management:
Gopalbhai Sutariya, Founder- Bansi Gir Gaushala
Under the influence of his spiritual master Guruji Shri Paramhans Hansanandteerth Dandiswami, Gopalbhai has always been keen to spend a life serving the nation and humanity. In his adulthood, he successfully took over the family diamond business (in Mumbai), moved to Ahmedabad in 2006, and established the Bansi Gir Gaushala, in order to revive India’s ancient Gau Sanskriti.

Gopeshbhai Sutariya, Founder-Suryan Organic
Gopeshbhai started his career by successfully managing the family diamond business in Mumbai, along with his elder brother Gopalbhai. Following his brother, he moved to Ahmedabad in 2006 and initiated the family’s successful foray into construction, before setting up Suryan Organic in 2015.

Office: Ahmedabad
Offerings: Over 2,500 natural or organic products