Organic Nutrition: Revolutionizing The Future Of The Food Industry With Innovative & Delectable Plant-Based Products

Chirag Gupta,FounderIn the recent past, a Vegan diet has observed a rapid increase in admiration from the common public, as not only an environment-friendly alternative but also equally delectable to dairy products. At Origin, it is propagated that protein is an essential nutrient for everyone, and not just for athletes and bodybuilders, which is a common misconception. The brand fulfills the daily protein requirement of consumers, with its plant-based, natural vegan protein, that packs in flavor, supports weight management, energizes the individual, and leaves them feeling satiated for longer hours.

The founders, Chirag Gupta and Aditi Mammen Gupta recognized the gap in the market for a 100 percent natural vegan protein. Origin is one of the only brands across India that is certified by Informed Choice UK, a globally recognized certification. “Every month our products are tested at random in the UK, for over 300 banned substances, to ensure our products are clean and safe to consume”, educates Chirag Gupta.

The Indian Health & Wellness, Food & Beverages Industry, is expected to rise to a whopping $30 billion by the year 2026, growing at a CAGR of 20 percent.
Comparing the current market with that of the United States, which has a growth of 31 percent, it is a merely but steadily rising 11 percent in India which suggests a huge scope and aggressive growth potential in the country, in the immediate future. Factors such as demand from millennials due to increasing disposable income, easy access to e-commerce websites, along with a change in the attitude towards good health post-pandemic, are the main drivers for high growth in the sector.

start to finish by ensuring all the raw materials are bought from credible and certified sources in Europe and are entirely traceable. Origin Nutrition also possesses FSSAI, ISO, and GMP certifications for its manufacturing unit. With its focus on delicious flavors and clean nutrition, the brand supervises each and every step and controls the entire process from manufacturing to distribution.

Every month our products are tested at random in the UK, for over 300 banned substances, to ensure our products are clean and safe to consume

Origin Nutrition’s flagship product i.e Vegan Protein comes in five different flavors, namely, chocolate, coffee caramel, strawberry, vanilla, and unflavoured, that are designed to meet the varied requirements of different members of a family. They have recently launched their 100 percent natural plant-based biotin (Vitamin b7) which is considered to be a boon for hair, nails, and skin. Apart from providing clean, cruelty-free, environment-friendly, natural vegan products, Origin Nutrition also boasts of having a manufacturing unit that is an all-women unit, a conscious decision made from realizing the employment challenges many women in the country face.

Origin Nutrition aims to grow exponentially across India as well as abroad and targets reaching an ARR of Rs.15 crores by next year. Origin strives to reduce the carbon footprint by providing sustainable & cruelty-free products. For this, the R&D team has concentrated its focus mainly on the innovation spectrum, in order to launch unique products in the market that are not just tasty and nutritious but are also sustainable and environmentally friendly.