Organic Tapovana: Delivering Farm Fresh & Chemical Free Vegetables, Fruits & Leafy Greens

Jaiganesh C, Founder

Jaiganesh C


Ever wondered how fresh are those fruits and vegetables in your nearby Sabzi Mandi? Considering the fact that they go through a chain of wholesale & retail ecosystem, it’s safe to say that they take at least three days to reach the market and by the time consumers consume it, the freshness is gone. To quell this rotten scenario by delivering genuinely farm fresh, chemical-free and hygienic products everyday directly to customers, Organic Tapovana was setup in 2010 by Jaiganesh C.(Founder), who left his bright IT career to pursue his passion for organic farming.

Throwing more light on inception story, Jaiganesh says, “During my job, I visited US and saw organic products in Walmart for first time which was costlier than conventional items. I immediately Googled about it and researched about the displayed information including penetration of chemicals & pesticides in India & suicide of farmers, which not just shocked me but also inspired me to do farming.” Later, on return back to India, Jaiganesh along with his brother received training and started doing organic farming in their own land that was previously used by his father for his commercial cultivation.

Initially, the duo shared products only with their close friends/relatives and sold them from their home. But with the steadily increasing demand for their products,
Jaiganesh established Tapovana in 2009. Thanks to the duo’s dedication& professionalism, the company today has earned a stellar reputation for its genuine taste & rich nutrition values and supplies its fresh produce to 35 organic shops across Chennai. In fact, the firm has received numerous testimonials wherein its quality is lauded by customers who have used its products for at least fourth months and sensed the difference.

This FSSI, PGS and TNOD certified firm utilizes various freshness retention techniques while transporting vegetables, fruits, greens & groceries to ensure quality and better shelf life

Serving Freshness
Everything from vegetables, fruits, leafy green to groceries products (pulses, rice, millets and others), daily products to organic matter & snacks, and cosmetics(herbal oils/shikakai powder), Tapovana has it all. All these products are grown at the company’s own farm and to meet the increasing demand of organic products, it even associates with Pasumai Organic Farmers Association, where the organic vegetables, fruits & other groceries are procured directly from farmers and delivered to customers on the same day through its internal delivering team.

Tapovana introduced cosmetics and almost 10-15 varieties of authenticated Tamil Nadu snacks which are purely made inhouse with natural ingredients (avoiding preservatives, synthetic colors or other artificial ingredients). This FSSI, PGS & TNOD certified firm utilizes various freshness retention techniques while transporting vegetables, fruits, greens & groceries to ensure quality and better shelf life.Vegetables/ fruits/greens are transported in ecofriendly bags (purchased from differently abled children) whereas groceries are packed in food grade plastic. Further more, all products purchased from farmers(groceries to oil) undergo through solar heating system before packing to acquire vitamin D property and extend shelf life without preservatives.

Tapovana functions as two entities wholesale & retail (e-Commerce & shop) wherein retail customers can enjoy upto five percent discount on purchase of above Rs.1000/Rs.500. “As we especially concentrate on the middle & low middle class populace, our price is very competitive, because we are only producer giving products directly to clients,”adds Jaiganesh. Experiencing a whopping revenue growth of 30-40 percent Tapovana is looking forward to expand its wings and setup stores in cities like Bangalore & Hyderabad, especially for vegetables & groceries delivery.