OrgaSatva Foods: Delivering Organic Produce Straight from Certified Farms to Urban Kitchens

Sachin Shaha, Co-Founder, MD & CEO

Sachin Shaha

Co-Founder, MD & CEO

Presently India occupies about 1.5 million hectors of certified farmland to practice organic farming and is ranked among the top 10 global exporters of organic food. Along with its growing popularity, malpractices have crept in. The local vendors are even going to an extent of selling inorganic products with an organic label. Dissenting on the grave damage, OrgaSatva Foods joined the ‘Jaivik Bharat’ (introduced by FSSAI) movement, to supply certified organic food for the dubious buyers. It indeed is the only Organic Food start up selected for World Bank-funded, Maharashtra Government's SMART (State of Maharashtra's Agribusiness and Rural Transformation) program.

Founders of OrgaSatva Foods, Sachin Shaha & Sunil Bagul, who hail from a family of farmers, took a break from their cushy IT jobs, to bring-home the concept of organic farming and acquaint their native farmers with it, while also providing a digital platform to market their farm-fresh produce. "We understand the pain that the farmers go through to only raise nominal revenue for the produce. On the flip-side, the city dwellers crave for a fresh-platter for their staples. To taut the existing gap, we started OrgaSatva Foods in 2018," asserts Sachin.

Today, after establishing the brand OS Organic in the organic grocery segment
(including millets, pulses, sweeteners, spices and others), OrgaSatva Foods is strengthening it's supply chain clusters and broadening its product range to include organic staples and processed food. It has plans to supply seasonal fruits and vegetables, straight from farm to the customer's doorstep in near future. Currently, the brand is circulating its products in major organic stores in Pune, few in Mumbai and in other small towns like Latur, Dhule and Sangli.

OrgaSatva Foods is strengthening it's supply chain clusters and broadening its product range to include organic staples and processed foods

Keeping the administration cost at check, the products are sold at affordable price points, also through ‘OS organic’ mobile-app, which is available on Android and iOS platforms and provides customers with attractive discounts on every purchase. On the flipside, it assures substantial market returns for the farmers on each purchase.

Empowering Farmers
Expanding the supply chain network, OrgaSatva Foods coordinates Organic Farmers Producer Company (FPO), to encourage and educate the farmer's community to take up organic farming and by demonstrating the farming techniques. Likely, it is gathering more farmer clusters from various counterparts of Maharashtra, where each farmer is registered as a member of FPO and is tied up with other established FPOs.

OrgaSatva Foods has also collaborated with certification agencies and bio-fertilizer companies, providing package of practices for cultivation of each crop. Sunil states, "We also arrange sessions in schools, societies, and even for farmers to develop a force of habit to go organic".

Standing true to its tagline ‘Pure and Healthy Life’, OrgaSatva Foods is emerging as a recognized brand, serving under the regulatory broads of FSSAI, NPOP (National Program for Organic Products) from NOCA and Jaivik Bharat. It is a startup recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. The company has already achieved its breakeven within the first year and currently is targeting to experience about 20-30 percent of business growth. "We are geared up to launch our products (organic jams, juices, and ready to cook), with more eco-friendly packaging systems Pan India in the coming years", concludes Sunil.