Oriana Power: Integrating Cutting-Edge Innovations in Solar Power Generation

Anirudh Saraswat, Founder & CBO, Parveen Jangra Founder, COO & CTO,  & Rupal Gupta, Founder, MD & CEOThe renewable energy solutions sector is one of the hottest segments across the world, witnessing tremendous revolution, innovation, as well as competition. The growing demand for solar energy solutions to meet the ever-increasing need for clean energy solutions is driving the sector to transform every day. However, despite the abundance of service providers, there still remains a significant gap in innovation, which Oriana Power - a leading renewable energy solutions provider is proactively working to bridge. Oriana with its 5 years of exceptional service providing customized solutions ranging from comprehensive and robust rooftop solar panel installations to intricate and sophisticated floating solar systems, stands as the innovator that the industry needs.

Delivering Quality & Excellence
At Oriana Power, a promise to deliver quality and excellence echoes across the entire suite of solar solutions offered. The firm tailors its solutions to align precisely with each client's unique energy requirements, offering financial feasibility studies for both CAPEX and RESCO models, engineering sophisticated floating solar systems, and integrating cutting-edge predictive analytics for effective energy management. Oriana’s flagship services extend far beyond installation, focusing on building enduring partnerships that ensure the clients' forays into solar energy are not only profitable but also sustainable and future-proof.

Guided by the expertise of Co-Founder Praveen Jangra, Oriana’s technical team adheres to the most stringent standards,
executing projects with meticulous attention to detail. The firm’s installations span diverse terrains and industries, all bearing the unmistakable hallmark of Oriana’s engineering capabilities, reflecting the consistent resilience to reliability and superior performance.

Oriana’s foundations rest on the diverse expertise of Founders Anirudh Saraswat, Parveen Jangra, and Rupal Gupta, who bring a combined 45 years of experience in engineering and business excellence to the enterprise. “With a portfolio exceeding 100 MW, our diverse projects catering to sectors such as cement, steel, and heavy manufacturing underscore our technical prowess and adaptability. Our approach combines comprehensive energy solutions with a dedicated commitment to sustainability, helping clients stride towards net-zero emissions”, shares Rupal Gupta, Co-Founder, MD and CEO.

Oriana’s unique fusion of business acumen and technical expertise propels it to embark on and accomplish complex endeavors, exemplified by its celebrated floating solar installations. The firm excels in addressing multifaceted energy requirements across diverse sectors, ranging from educational institutions and healthcare facilities to heavy industries.

Moreover, recognitions such as ‘Best EPC in Floating Solar’ for the firm, Anirudh Saraswat's title of ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’ and Rupal Gupta's inclusion among the ‘100 Most Influential Personalities in the Solar Industry’ high light the firm’s exceptional leadership and strategic prowess.

However, its distinctiveness transcends accolades, finding concrete validation in the record-breaking performance on the NSE, validating Oriana’s business model and highlighting its stability and untapped potential.

Future Roadmap
Oriana stands resolute at the forefront of the green technology frontier with a passionately drawn roadmap. The firm is set to expand its services in hydrogen and Battery Energy Storage Systems, complementing the existing solar solutions and contributing to the global shift towards sustainable energy.

“At Oriana Power, we are not just embracing the future; we are actively shaping it. Our commitment to sustainability and innovation drives us to be pioneers in the green energy landscape. Innovation propels us forward on the path to a cleaner, more sustainable world. We're committed to leading the charge”, adds Rupal.

Through strategic collaborations with leading international tech providers, Oriana further aims to harness emerging technologies, positioning it as trailblazers in energy innovation. As the company expands to new markets, it is determined to reduce carbon footprints and accelerate the journey towards sustainability. The firm’s holistic growth strategy is designed to promote all-round expansion, pushing Oriana to become the beacon of the industry in the coming years.