Osim India: The Most Reliable Assistant Enhancing Respiratory Well-Being

Dhruv Grover,COO
Dhruv Grover, COO

A shocking revelation in recent studies affirmed that seven of the world’s 10 most polluted cities are in India, and the count only seems to be heading higher. On the contrary, to tackle the issue and its impending dangers, the air purifier industry is bagging on this huge opportunity and anticipates reaching over $220 million by 2024. However, several challenges like the lack of awareness and restricted budgets stump its progress, demeaning the significance of this industry and exacerbating the health quotient of people due to rising pollution levels in the country. Striking an ingenious formula to curb these obstacles and thrive in the market with its affor-dable unique air-purifier model, 2004 established Osim India emerged to provide its resourceful solutions in this area. Featuring its exclusive HEPA filter Air Purifier with titanium dioxide layer, an air quality sensor and a fan speed adjuster (to high if air quality is found moderate or poor), Osim India’s air purifier solutions are simply among the top-most in the market.

Melded with technology’s best
Osim India’s uAlpine’s Multiaction Tru-air purification process aims to enhance its user’s respiratory well-being and thereby includes Ion cluster technology that proactively purifies surroundings, releasing clean and fresh air for easier breathing. Further, while its in-built UV lights activate the Titanium Dioxide, inactivating viruses, bacteria and mould, the special uAlpine air quality sensor detects the air quality in the room and provides a quick indication via display of coloured lights.

"With these features, uAlpine proves as a definite go-to for benefitting a family as well as thrive as an ideal assistant within the hospitality and healthcare sector"

Offering a complete state-of-the-art product, the company also keeps in mind the noise pollution factor during product usage that would cater to the needs of hospitals & hotels, bars & restaurants with its noise levels measuring Low < 50db, Mid < 55db and Hi <68db. “With these features, uAlpine proves as a definite go-to for benefitting a family (especially elderly and kids) as well as thrive as an ideal assistant within the hospitality and healthcare sector,” Shaily Grover, Managing Director, Osim India.

Guaranteeing Healthy & Fresh Inhalation of Air
With its distinct two-in-one Formaldehyde, Granular and activated carbon filter, the air purifier absorbs volatile organic compounds(VOC) that are released by new carpeting, furniture,
adhesives and paint fumes. Additionally, the purifier’s filter systems also neutralizes pet odors, cooking or smoking whiffs as well with its first-class 360 degree surround air flow mechanism. Expediently, an efficient timer function caters to the time-limited need of usage on the part of its users while, a superior mechanism automatically shuts-down its functioning based on the preset timer function. Another interesting fact latched onto the success of this product is its handy ambient night light that besides its sole purpose the indigo glowing uAlpine light serves as the perfect solution for those late night trips to the restroom.

Health at the cost of just Rs.39,000, Osim India’s air purifier is a British Allergy Foundation sealed & approved product that comes with a six months warranty (under manufacturing fault) availing reliable and efficient services centres that handles immediate after sale service of the product. Further, the product has been proven effective against four types of bacteria – Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Klebsiella-pneumoniae by Sanitized Silver. The effectiveness of which has been trailed, tested and successfully installed at reputed institutions like the Indian Spine Institute, Vasantkunj, Leela Hotels–Mumbai, Embassy of Mexico, the RBI and many more.