Palmdish: Green, Clean & Entirely Biodegradable Tableware

K A Joseph,CEONature has bestowed upon humankind gifts in abundance. In fact everything that humans require to sustain life has been presented to us by Mother Nature. However, over eons, life evolved, and so did our needs. Becoming more complex, human needs and desires has driven us away from the natural way of living, which in turn has turned-out to be harmful for humankind and nature alike. Gradually, the wheels are turning back, and humans are striving to re-establish a healthy and symbiotic relationship with nature. As a con-sequence, sustainable products and businesses are gaining popularity. A pioneer in producing biodegradable products made from Areca palm leaves is Palmdish.

Founded in 2009, the green organization designs and manufactures 29 products such as plates, bowls and containers, among others, in different shapes and sizes. Built under hygienic conditions, each of these products are completely chemical-free, bio degradable, heat, water & oil resistant, while being extremely affordable. "Our products are available in various shapes that include square, round, oval, rectangle and heart, among others. The sizes available are between 3" to 14" with a depth of 0.5cm to 8cm," explains K A Joseph, CEO, Palmdish. Making an uncompromising promise on quality, Palm-dish delights its clients with products fit for varied occasions such as birthday parties, family get together or corporate events.
Thorough Manufacturing Procedures
Although most other companies produce leaf plates made with the same material available in the market, Palmdish's products are a cut above the rest, owing to the firm's complete commitment to staying 100 percent natural. The company segregates the best leaves from the lot, and less than 40 percent of the leaves qualify for the production process. Manufactured using traditional heat and press method, Palmdish uses tropical sundried areca palm leaf sheaths to produce its products. The company only makes use of naturally fallen areca leaves to manufacture its 100 percent biodegradable products. Completely natural in every way, Palmdish does not add any additives other than what nature has already deposited on these unique leaves. "While other companies add synthetic coloring materials to bring-out color and shine to the finished products, we ensure that no chemicals are added/applied in our pre or post-production process," says Joseph. Maintaining the highest form of hygiene, the company uses well water and pressure pumps to thoroughly wash the sheaths before the manufacturing process is initiated.

While other companies add synthetic coloring materials to bring-out color and shine to the finished products, we ensure that no chemicals are added/applied in our pre or post-production process

Made By People & Not Machines
An important element that makes Palmdish one-of-a-kind is their focuses on human connect. The firm has put in place a simple manufacturing procedure, of which 80 percent is dependent on the human brain and the rest 20 percent is taken care of by machines. Headquartered in Thrissur, Kerala, Palmdish emphasizes on employing women from the village. "The main intention behind such industries is to empower rural women economically. Human skill is the most important thing in any industry. We have provided several rural women with the opportunity to strengthen them financially and improve their standard of living," adds Joseph. Although run by modest village folk, Palmdish is aligned with the times; the team focuses on constantly incorporating relevant innovations and upgradations in its products. Going one step further from tableware, the green organization has recently introduced cosmetic packing and food takeaway boxes in different shapes. Paving the way for products that align with the world's need for sustainability, Palmdish intends to strengthen its exporting capabilities across the Globe, with emphasis in their existing European and US markets.