Parijat Distributors: An Innovative Logistics Company Providing Comprehensive Logistics Solution

Shantanu Lakhotia, Partner,Shravan Lakhotia, Partner

Shantanu Lakhotia, Partner

Shravan Lakhotia, Partner

Today, the Indian logistics industry is going through a major wave of transformation, mostly in terms of growth and expansion opportunities. The recent GST reformations and other financial and monetary policies adopted by the Government of India have had a positive impact on the growth of this industry. With the nation turning into a market full of opportunities, the rate of import and export for various industry verticals are seeing an all-time high. With many Indian companies mushrooming in the industry trying to offer logistics solutions to meet the requirement, the competition in the logistics sector is steadily rising and many companies are finding it difficult to cope up with this ever-increasing competition in the industry. While many have already closed down their operations as a result of their failure to evolve with the changing market conditions, there are numerous companies in the industry that are trying its best to retain their existing clients.

A company that has been thriving in this ultra-competitive market scenario and churning out success stories consistently in the Indian logistics industry is Parijat Distributors. The brainchild of the dynamic trio - Shravan Lakhotia, Shantanu Lakhotia, and Vijay Lakhotia, Parijat has been renowned for offering tailored logistics and supply chain services for its clients for the past three decades. Operating with the sole aim of offering the best solutions and logistic support for their customers, Parijat Distributors have been regularly increasing their market share growing into one of the most sought-after names in the Indian logistics space.

A Renowned Name in Logistics Domain
Set up in 1989, Parijat Distributors has a powerhouse of experience dealing with clients from multiple industries by providing end to end supply chain services including warehouse management, transportation, and packaging. With their unrivaled domain expertise, the company stands shoulder to shoulder with the clients to help them in their logistic and supply chain endeavors. "The recent growth in the market has helped us significantly. With a lot of clients, both big and small, looking for trusted and experienced 3PL service providers we were
able to slide in perfectly into that category and with our market knowledge, we have been able to get the needed results for our clients. One of our important strong points is that we deliver our services as per the clients' requirements and this clients-centric approach has helped us a lot in our growth. Another important aspect that separates us from the rest in the market is our ability to streamline our operations allowing us to offer first-rate logistics services at a competitive price" says, Vijay Lakhotia, Founder and Partner, Parijat Distributors.

The company's customer-focused approach is clearly visible in its operational philosophy and this attitude sets apart Parijat Distributors from the rest of its competitors in the market. "Our goal is to help execute our client's requirements and overachieve on sales targets annually. Our services include everything from transportation from manufacturing plants to the warehouse, storage and invoicing as per company norms, secondary dispatches from the warehouse to the location and final delivery at the distributor/retailer end," speaks Shravan Lakhotia, Partner, Parijat Distributors. With their flagship offering in warehouse management and secondary transportation, Parijat Distributors prides themselves on their final mile statistics irrespective of what the circumstance might be.

A company that has been thriving in this ultra-competitive market scenario and churning out success stories consistently in the Indian logistics industry is Parijat Distributors

Cashing On Technology
While the company has made it mandatory to adapt to the latest technological innovations, it is this approach of the firm that has contributed majorly towards its growth and success. "We always want to update ourselves with the latest trends in the industry and this constant strive to improve ourselves has been one of the main reasons that have helped us evolve with the industry and provide the best results for our clients time after time. We use conveyor belts at some of our sites to reduce labor costs and we have a fully functioning warehouse management system that helps us in successfully storing and picking of correct stocks. We also use GPS trackers in our vehicles to help coordinate and deliver any material safely", avers Shantanu Lakhotia, Partner, Parijat Distributors. Parijat Distributors follow a sophisticated safety SOP to ensure careful handling and transportation of their clients' products and to ensure maximum protection for the products which they are transporting for the company including PPE materials such as helmets, shoes, gloves and fire extinguishers in their transportation vehicles.

With its headquarters based out of Mumbai, Parijat Distributors has also spanned other parts of the country. With seven offices across various cities of India, Parijat boasts of having their own fleet of vehicles and approximately 160 vehicles are dispatched from their warehouses on any given day. Over these years, the company has set a benchmark by walking the talk with its customers for almost all the industry verticals. With its skilled team of experts, Parijat Distributors has served numerous clients including Parle Agro, Merck Life sciences, Adani Wilmar, and Virbac Animal Health & Finar Ltd to name a few. Parijat Distributors has also started a subsidiary company called Ergon Laboratories that deals with the chemical trading business which was firstly domestic and now they have started imports as well. The company also started its transportation division in 2010 and they provide secondary transportation to each of their CFAs that cater to the local and upcountry areas. In the years to come, Parijat Distributors are planning to increase their revenue growth by cashing in on the ever-increasing scope of the Indian logistics sector.