PB Holotech India: A trustworthy Partner for an Array of Holograms & Labels Services

Brijesh Ranilawala,CEOIn a global marketplace, protecting one's brand, preventing, and combating counterfeiting of products is indeed a business-must task today. With passing times, Holograms & Labels have become the preferred choice of several manufacturing companies that are engaged in manufacturing products for local and international markets. Several companies to protect their products and increase their visibility are in dire need of a trustworthy partner who will help them with Holograms & Labels as a powerful weapon for anti-counterfeiting. This is when PB Holotech (I) Pvt. Ltd. ­ a known name engaged in manufacturing, supply, and exporting an unbeatable range of Holograms & Labels ­ steps into the picture.

The company that started in 2000 in a two-room facility with one Holographic machine, and three workers, today has grown tremendously to a team of 200+ direct employees, and machine replacement costs nearly 200.00 million INR. With principal manufacturing unit located at Howrah, PB Holotech has started its second unit in Hooghly. Also, in 2019, it has commissioned a state-of-the-art unit for Hot Stamping Labels and Foils for specific applications like commercial batteries, pens, plastic containers, number plates, and more. First-of-its-kind, the unit in East India is in collaboration with a South Korean partner who is bringing in patented technologies for this product.
Niche Product Offerings
PB Holotech aims to develop Labels that enhance the recall value of a product, which are extremely difficult to replicate. The twenty-year-young company offers a plethora of Labels including, 8 Color Printed Holographic Hot Stamping Paper Labels on 35 Gsm Poster Paper, Self-Adhesive 400 Micron Polycarbonate Labels with Holographic Registered Labels, 10 Colors Non-Tearable Paper with Registered Holographic Stamping with UV visible Inks, and more. It has gone above and beyond from just a packaging `product' provider to a packaging `solution' provider.

Its products are embedded with the concept of providing both aesthetic and security features through tailor-made solutions. PB Holotech is keen on embracing and adopting newer technologies. Over the years, the company has invested heavily in Plant and Machinery from India, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Germany. It offers tailor-made solutions that are being able to import and understand the latest Chemicals, Films, Papers, and Processes globally. Some of its world-class products include Hologram Labels, Shrink Labels, Heat Transfer Labels, InMould Labels, Aluminium Foil Paper Ice Cream Cones, and many more.

The company's production line includes Gravure Printing Machines, Flexo Printing Machines, Metallizers, Holographic Embossing lines, Hot Melt Coaters, Water Based Coaters

PB Holotech is running the latest version of Gallus Printing Machines from Germany. The company's production line includes Gravure Printing Machines, Flexo Printing Machines, Metallizers, Holographic Embossing lines, Hot Melt Coaters, Water Based Coaters, and more. "We are a truly innovative company. As a manufacturer, we increase our production capacity to 2X as soon as our present capacity is 70 percent occupied, making us serve our customers always on-time with perfect quality. As an MSME, we have learned the art of printing with experience and knowledge gathered from top printing machine suppliers of the world," says Brijesh Ranilawala, CEO, PB Holotech India.

The company has a closely-knit team of plant managers, floor managers, designers, machine operators, along with the sales team, which is headed by two highly qualified sales executives working since 2005. The product development team is headed by Brijesh Ranilawala (Director), and suppliers of raw materials are handled by Brijmohan Ranilawala (Senior Director). It also hires newbies and trains them. With other plans in the pipeline, PB Holotech is planning to devise several new technologies and products for its clients to keep growing in this competitive industry.