Pentagon Events and Activation: Curating Events that Touches the Five Human Senses

Riyaz Sayed & Khushbu Vaid,Co-Founders & Directors

Riyaz Sayed

Co-Founder & Director

For any event to be successful, it has to be a pentagon (five angles). How and what does that even mean? Riyaz Sayed, Co-Founder & Director at Pentagon Events and Activation (PEA) brings it out in a different way stating, "We as a unit at PEA cater to five senses of humans ­ touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste (similar to a Pentagon) through our event management solutions. We aren't just an event management company; we curate and create experiences that replenish all the five senses through our creative imagination, months of herculean ponderings, incessant hard work and stupefying execution". Established in 2011, Mumbai-based PEA constantly strives to deliver a freshly curated content, providing a mesmerizing experience every single time a client gets in touch with them.

Making Brands Live up to Their Potential
Aggrandizing each event's significance inducing its decade long experience, expertise and in-house design & creative team, PEA caters to various clients under one umbrella. Right from cracking the event concept to event execution, incorporating the latest technologies, and making maximum utilization of the client's budgets, PEA provides the best possible solution to a
company's marketing and event needs. "We are always on the hunt for innovation. For us as an organisation, replication is not an option. Constantly delving into newer technologies and digital avenues, we serve clients the best of the best!" poises Riyaz.

Under the aegis of Riyaz & Khushbu Vaid (Co-Founder & Director), the PEA team leveraging the experiential spectrum from MICE, Launches, Lifestyle & Activations to Intellectual Property creation & management, delivers an array of services. Be it launching a product or service, celebrating one's community, building recall or generating footfalls, PEA professes to elevate the honour of each occasion. In the process, it also ensures that everything is seamless at the back end. Emphasizing on the learning process, as an organization, PEA liberately provides three to six months to every new joinee to settle-in and grow. This working approach is what has kept numerous employees associated with PEA for long.

We've got you covered when you want to create startling experiences with every fragment in place

PEA outshines its dedicated history of projects. Etching such quintessence, PEA is now one of the most in-demand event management connoisseurs, having starred its portfolio with a long list of prestigious clients like Godrej, Times of India, Bajaj Electricals, Viacom18 and many others. Projects like Jio Mami Mumbai Film Festival with Star, Bajaj Electricals MICE in Budapest & Vienna, and Bigg Boss Launch are some of the events of 2019 which garnered PEA great recognition.

Being the talk of the era, flashing in the news, PEA has been acknowledged with various awards, one of which is Wow Awards for AXN campaign. Recognizing the client needs above the line, taking every brief with rigor and zeal, PEA looks ahead to grow two-fold and increase the company size considerably as it completes a decade in 2020. "It is likely said `We cannot make events. Our business is wisely to improve them,' We make an event grandeur, memorable. We feel to create something exceptional; a mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail. We've got you covered when you want to create startling experiences with every fragment in place!" concludes Riyaz.