Peripheral Systems and Solutions: Enabling e-Security through Easy & Remote Accessibility

(L to R) A. Ahamed Ali, Partner,Dr. Sham K M, Founder

(L to R) A. Ahamed Ali, Partner

Dr. Sham K M, Founder

With evolving crime tactics, the archaic lathiand movie inspired cop convict chases are rarely helpful. However, CCTV cameras are reliable resources that are at par with them and unsurprisingly, accepted means of evidence at the Supreme Court. With time, these CCTV cameras have evolved from Analog to IP cameras which are today more scalable, easy to install and offer more clarity than their counterparts. The Batman of the CCTV world, Chennai-based Peripheral Systems and Solutions (PSS) is upholding the trend and making cities safer by integrating these coveted IP and network cameras. The company has helped the Tamil Nadu police, several individual users & corporate secure streets, houses and offices with its futuristic and zero maintenance IP technology that ensures minimum cable hassle while its PoE (Power on Ethernet) negates shut down in case of short circuiting.

Prioritizing Security
With initial expertise in software component, ISO 9001:2015 certified PSS slowly ventured into the hardware element as well and became one of the first companies to come up with
e-security systems integration in 2007. Being one of the pioneers in the country, PSS is well versed with fibre optic, P2P wireless and solar way of CCTV surveillance integration that when combined with a robust hardware, offers unmatched protection. In addition to IP cameras, the company promotes Number Plate Recognition Cameras (NPR), People Counting Cameras, thermal cameras and Behaviour Analysis Cameras that help the state police department keep a check on the street offenders and save their number plates for future reference. On the other hand, Face Detection cameras help commercial establishments check the crowd for suspicious activities and save the dubious person’s info and dispense it to the nearby police station. Several other camera technologies like region enter/exit detection, defocus detection, object removal detection, Intrusion, Line Crossing and many more efficiently safeguard people & their assets, putting their minds at ease.

ISO 9001:2015 certified PSS slowly ventured into the hardware element as well and became one of the first companies to come up with e-security systems integration in 2007

This entire service basket is encompassed by a razor sharp focus of quality on products, making the company a champion amongst its contemporaries. The
products are integrated with IoT and connected to mobiles so that once the cameras are switched off, the owner is notified on real-time and it can be switched on back remotely, no matter physical switch is off or on at the site. These products even undergo rigorous certification procedures to ensure quality. Thanks to high-speed internet, remote accessibility is now akin to a walk in the park. The tech team at PSS can operate the products from any where and in case of anomalies, do not have to rely on their physical presence to fix them. DR. Sham K M, Founder & Business Development Manager, PSS, further elaborates, “We resolve their issues remotely within a couple of hours and since we use all branded products, many time there won’t be much issue in it. Until Branded Products goes to a right System Integrator, it does not deserves it features and there we are”.

Though remote accessibility provides ease of usage, data security is still a prevailing matter. PSS mitigates this issue by providing a safe locker for securing the storage devices. In case of a missing or corrupted device/data, the entire file is transferred to other device automatically with the concept of NAS and SAN.

PSS is now planning on seamlessly integrating robotics with cameras and take automation to the next level. The company is also keen on diversifying into new technological innovations, and with a revenue growth of almost 50 percent, the company is all set to expand its geographical perimeter to a PAN India level.