Wurth Industrial Services India: Close. Closer. Wurth

Norman Dentel,     CEOOrigin & passion being fasteners, Würth Industrial Services India has a plethora of industrial products. A selection of the product groups available in the standard range includes DIN and standard parts, connectors and fastening technology, screw and plug connectors, anchors and clamps. Furniture and construction fittings, rivet technology, protective equipment, metalworking and assembly tools, electrical and pneumatic tools, cutting equipment and abrasives, soldering and welding technology, and automotive technology.

Würth Industrial Services India also offers application-specific product range for its customers’ individual circumstances. This range includes special parts and parts designed as per drawings, Kits, 3D printing solutions, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI solutions), fasteners with imperial threads, threaded inserts, thread-rolling screws (GEFU), wedge lock washers, spring band clamps (W.TEC FBS), screws for thermoplastics (WÜPLAST), and plastic plugs (W.TEC COVER CAPS).

"Every sales rep has an employment contract with Würth, no freelancers. This makes Würth the biggest employer of permanently employed sales people in the world"

Würth offers products in combination with a wide variety of systemized solutions. “We see ourselves not only as a C-Parts partner to the industry, but as an expert technical partner for application and design advice”, says Norman Dentel, CEO, Würth Industrial Services India.

Effective C-Parts management within CPS(= C-Parts Solutions) is only possible, if a customer is able to access a comprehensive catalogue and warehouse range of C-Parts and can combine them with logistical supply concepts. Thus, Würth Industrial Services offers a specialised C-Part range of more than 1,000,000 items for industrial production, maintenance and repair as well as comprehensive product solutions.

Increasing Customer’s Productivity
One of Würth Industrial Services' flagships, is the Kanban system. Würth controls the direct supply of hardware with barcoded bin systems. These systems provide a hassle-free supply and optimum process security. Every bin movement is recorded and documented. All deliveries are scheduled for the time they are needed, stock and warehouse technologies are optimised regularly and statistics are updated frequently. Würth Industrial Services will plan an optimal and cost efficient solution together with its customers. “Our target is to increase our customer’s productivity through a just in time supply via the Würth Kanban system”, adds Norman.

Kanban, however, is just one corner stone amongst Würth Industrial Services systemized vending solutions. Würth Industrial Services has many more different supply systems available, all very individual like its customers. The firm also provides customers Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), where in the existing C-Parts supplier of customers is brought under Würth Industrial Services' guidance and the purchase, storage and deliveries of these items are all taken care of under one umbrella. “Time is money and our customers have no money to waste. Hence the use of this service is constantly increasing. I’m always keen to say that every customer is gaining savings in total costs of ownership when working with Würth. The Würth compound annual growth rate of approx. 20% since its foundation in 1945 is only possible when you are always a step ahead of the competition. My motto is that the big ones are not eating the small ones, but rather the fast ones eating the slow ones”, expresses Norman.

Würth Industrial Services is distributing its goods only via its own sales force to assure the genuineness of products and proximity to its customers. Evidently for this reason, more than 30000 employees worldwide are working in direct sales at Würth, out of the 83 000 plus employees in total. Every sales rep has an employment contract withWürth, no freelancers. This makes Würth the biggest employer of permanently employed sales people in the world. From a quality perspective, Würth makes no compromises
when it comes to selecting suppliers and testing and approving Würth products. Würth demands the best possible product quality in each market in order to meet all its customers' demands. Engineers, technicians and masters of their craft work on a list of quality assurance tasks that include initial sample testing, incoming goods inspection, complaint processing, and new product testing.

Würth Business Services offers state-of-the-art handling of business processes at a consistent high level of quality ,cost efficiency and scalability. We provide our customers sustainable process optimization, assuring that all their activities are in line with their compliance regulations

Additionally, Würth has a network of testing laboratories around the world, spanning Germany, Switzerland, USA and India. Well-equipped testing laboratories tailored to the needs of industrial manufacturing customers are available at these and other locations. The company makes continuous investments in both the equipment and personnel at its laboratories.

Exceptional Technologies At Play
Würth Industrial Services has expertise in 3D printing technology services. Experience in C-Parts and supplychain management lowers purchasing costs, and produce significant cost savings so that customers can concentrate on their core business with the support via 3D printed items.

Engineering expertise during the design phase, saves customers time and money with more efficient fastening solutions. Reducing component count and increasing installation efficiency adds to their bottom line.

Moreover, Würth Industrial Services has started to sell printers and raw material to those who are constantly using this technology now in their day to day activities.

Another tech worth mentioning is the REFILLO. REFIILLO systems provide a safe, sustainable and cost-effective solution for refilling aerosol cans. Unlike conventional aerosol cans, they are not based on propellant gas, but on compressed air, thus making a significant contribution to our environment. With the use of these systems, the storage of numerous aerosol cans becomes a thing of the past and the storage space can be used for other purposes. Via this, the customers reduce the waste generated by emptied aerosol cans and thus reduce disposal costs.

Talking about intangible technologies, Würth Industrial Services is using RPA, which the firm not only uses and sells globally but develops these bots in India itself, for internal and external clients.

Würth Industrial Services is also using Virtual Reality (VR) for some years now to train its colleagues and to show our customers the supply chain solutions in a VR environment. The firm is not just using this technology but also programming and developing VR worlds in India for internal and external clients. Würth’s customers can train their technicians in a VR environment and show them how to fix a wind turbine 100 m above sea level in a virtual environment. Additionally, one does not have to fly around the world for meetings anymore because Würth Industrial Services is providing customized meeting rooms in VR where companies can gather, show presentations and talk about different topics & of course reduce their carbon footprint.

All of these activities are being catered by several business units under our umbrella in India. One of these business units is called “Würth Business Services”. As a specialized service provider “Würth Business Services” supports its partners and customers to increase productivity and competitiveness. “Würth Business Services” offers state-of-the-art handling of business processes at a consistent high level of quality, cost efficiencyand scalability. “We provide our customers sustainable process optimization, assuring that all their activities are in line with their compliance regulations”, adds Norman.

Future Roadmap
Würth Industrial Services India's newly opened office in Viman Nagar with 25 000 sqft of space will definitely be extended in the years to come with the support of its existing clients and new customers who shall be onboarded in the forthcoming years. The firm will also expand its warehouses in Pune and Sriperumbudur and looks forward to expand further across the country. Norman has realized via observation that the professionalism of his customers implies that India is not just being considered for investment because of low labour costs any longer; instead India is one of the fastest growing economies worldwide, with the largest youth population across the globe becoming an excellent talent pool. Additionally, India is gaining more and more recognition on the Global Innovation Index every year. Hence, all arrows are pointing up and towards India.

When I was offered the chance to work with the team at Würth Industrial Services India in 2016, we had around 130 employees. By the end of 2021, we had 500 plus employees already. My aim is to reach +1000 employees by 2026", says Norman. In fact, Würth Industrial Services has demonstrated impeccable resilience during the difficult pandemic times. While organizations around the globe were laying off their employees succumbing to dramatic losses, Würth Industrial Services continued to pay full salaries on time,even during the pandemic without compromises. In the COVID stricken year of 2020, Würth Industrial Services increased its headcount by +71 new colleagues. In addition to this, in 2021, the firm added another +136 employees into its payroll and intends to carry forth employments in 2022.

This of course is only possible with customers you can inspire and a team who believes in the success. There is no other option for us than being the best in the market, no compromises. Close. Closer. Würth!