Piconet Innovative Solution: Delivering Innovative Technology Solutions with Integrated Approach

Vibhore Garg,  Vishal Gupta & Vibhas Gupta ,DirectorsAmidst the haul of buying best security cameras, people end up passing their choice of installing the right technology to the hands of system integrators. As the technology has evolved to the IP based/digital platform (which need more IT/hardware knowledge to be customer-centric) from traditional stand-alone systems, the responsibility of offering the most effective security system falls on the provider. Comprised of a solution team that has complete exposure to the CCTV range of cameras, Piconet Innovative Solution integrates electronic technology with physical security systems to establish a single monitoring control system that is user responsive & conventionally secured.

Established in 2012 by Vibhore Garg, Vishal Gupta & Vibhas Gupta, (Directors), Piconet’s capability of employing innovative next-generation technology surveillance solutions and services leverage deep industry expertise. “We always challenge ourselves to identify the right product mix with right technology products and cost. We take ample technology risks where we initiate and work very closely with the customer on innovation and to solve the real time issues. Our solution-centric approach enables
us to deliver customer satisfying services,” states Vibhore.

Offering its services to class-A corporate companies under varied verticals, Piconet’s holistic approach of integrating technology with innovation helps it deliver cost effective and reliable security solutions

Follows Like Shadow
Piconet stands apart with its prowess in integrating multi-platform technology, excellence in cloud-based solution and Business intelligence capability with the video analytic features. This integrated approach ensures that every component of the security operation responds effectively to deliver unbeatable security coverage against threats and contraband. Offering its services to class-A corporate companies under varied verticals, Piconet’s holistic approach of integrating technology with innovation helps it deliver cost effective and reliable security solutions. Moreover, it is adept in solving complex CCTV projects involving IP technology, Extra-long range cameras of 10 km plus distance & one-of-its-kinds inbuilt 3G/4G SIM based cameras. Besides enabling people to send images &small video clippings based on configuration, these 3G/4G cameras can be simply integrated without high end networking equipments, host-able on cloud/private server and create personalized experience on mobile via the pop features.

This MSME, ISO-9000 & OSHAS
1800 certified company uses Rohs/CE/UL listed products based on the customer preference &cost structure. Apart from using trusted products from international companies, Piconet has also opened doors for startups that have user-friendly, cost effective & cutting edge technologies. To mitigate client’s quandaries pertaining to sending data on low bandwidth, visibility in poor dark areas, having more CCTV coverage with fewer cameras, Piconet provides a complete solution that is also cost effective and fuses with the interior to aesthetically look good and demands minimum infrastructural damage during installation. For instance, Piconet once designed special cameras (having seven days storage backup & motion sensing technology)for one of the biggest telecom infra company with towers in remote areas without any proper security, which helped them eradicate theft issues by sending images/video immediately on FTH server of the cloud in case of suspicious movements. “Parallel to our customers, we follow 360 degree holistic approach in empowering our employees. By sharing technology papers, webinar and giving OEM trainings, we initiate innovative learning that helps in solving real time issues,” assert the trio.

Safe & Sound Prospects
Having offices across Delhi, Himachal Pradesh & Jamshedpur, Piconet is rising with a yearly revenue growth of 25 percent & working on video analytics, video cloud infrastructure and wireless technology for reducing client’s cost of video infrastructure. Determined to enhance 3G/4G SIM-based cameras at the database level, it seeks to bring innovation by transmitting the video wirelessly on Wi-Fi, P2P & P2M technologies.