Pious Laboratories: One-Stop-Shop for Total Chemical and Bacteriological Evaluation of Products

Favorable agricultural practices, fair practices followed while manufacturing, hygiene practices, hazard analysis, and critical control points all over the world are some of the major factors which have stimulated the growth of the food safety testing market at global level. Accredited by NABL and authorized by FSSAI for the testing of food samples, Pious Laboratories is a renowned name headed by a young, dynamic and committed group of professionals. Dedicated to fostering skilled manpower, latest infrastructure and technology for testing food, pharmaceutical, water, and herbal products, Pious Laboratories works with strategies involving minimum risk and maximum resources. With laboratories located in the south-west suburban of Indore city at Bijalpur, the firm endeavors the most favorable and highest quality of testing, consulting and training services at an affordable costing.

Their ingenious group of staffs is experts on the four pillars of testing services related to technology, commerce, marketing and management. And as a result, they have appropriate skills to complete the testing methods at individual stages. "Our diverse team has in-depth testing knowledge and skills, through which the customers receive alluring benefits. The services benefits cover microbiology, nutritional labeling, testing for adulterants, shelf life estimation and heavy metal testing," says Ashok Mahajan, Founder, Pious Laboratories. The FSSAI board (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) endorses Pious Laboratories for its widespread services to the food, beverages and agricultural products testing industry.

Moreover, Pious Laboratories is tagged as one of the largest food testing labs in India housing state-of-the-art devices for microbiological analysis and analysis, identification and detection of pathogens, residual pesticides, drugs and banned colorants in food products. The service bracket also includes proximate analysis, determination of fatty acids composition,
trans fat content, mycotoxins B1, B2, G1, G2, M1, and ochratoxin in various matrices. "Regarding a variety of food and agricultural products, raw materials and food ingredients, we recommend melamine testing services. Other residual dioxine and ethylene oxide testing are performed using GC-HS techniques. Alcohols/alcoholic beverages analysis, analysis of grapes (as per APEDA-RMP), milk and milk products analysis (as per EIC norms), spices and condiments analysis and identification, adulteration of basmati and non-basmati rice (variety authentication), meat adulteration are other product services that we offer," asserts Ashok.

Ashok Mahajan,Founder

Pious Laboratories timely executes drinking water testing following the norms set by the Bureau of Indian Standards, World Health Organization, US Environmental Protection Agency and others. Its modern day microbiology lab is qualified as per to NABL (ISO/IEC 17025) for testing packaged drinking water, packaged natural mineral water, potable and domestic drinking water, purified water as per the Indian pharmacopoeia, industrial cooling systems, water for boilers, water for processed food

The FSSAI board (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) endorses Pious Laboratories for its widespread services to the food, beverages and agricultural products testing industry

industry, organic and inorganic constituents and microbiological quality of water. For retaining the clients and offering them food and beverage testing, Pious Laboratories has complete test management including test case management, test method and approach, crafting of test method and planning, development, test execution, QA coordination and testing time estimation through LIMS (laboratory information management system). Alongside, Pious Laboratories is incorporating newer technologies for more efficient test results.