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Rajeev Dhupar ,Managing Partner

Rajeev Dhupar

Managing Partner

With the development of social economy and improvement of living standard the demand of playground equipment constantly increased in these years. In 2017, the global playground equipment market is led by Asia-Pacific, capturing about 44.28 percent of global playground equipment consumption.

A reputed name in the playground equipment industry, Regal Sports & Playground Equipment Mfg. Co. has been helping Children in their crucial early years for over 75 years. We help by providing Play Equipment that allows Children to joyfully engage in the key activities that stimulate their development the exploration of their surroundings and learning through play. Regal strives to facilitate a Play environment that fosters these wonderful activities while safeguarding against hazards and inappropriate challenges. Safety has been Regal's prime concern in manufacturing. Considering the ever increasing demand for new and innovative products, Regal has a strong research team that brings out new designs and inspires further to manufacture the same. Regal also takes pride in a strong team of individuals trained to perfection in the safety of all that the company manufactures.

Regal's slides roofs panel and seats a LLDPE food grade, designed to offer the very best in safety to the end user. All steel pipes used are galvanized powder coated with non toxic paint, all welded joints are given epoxy sealant free from burrs and any sharp edges. Unlike few other manufacturers using fiber glass, Regal refrains from using Fiber as recent studies have revealed that it is hazardous for children."We believe that in the middle of every difficulty there lies an opportunity. We make sure our manufacturing process is strictly followed under TUV guide line", says Rajeev Dhupar

Managing Partner, Regal. Regal's USP lies in emerging with new innovative play school supplies that focus on play for the kid's sake, while catering to the diverse needs of varied clients. Regal has the required expertise and skills to custom design, plan and install customized playground equipment that is durable, safe and fun. The manufacturer covers a huge selection of playground equipment including park garden benches, garden swings, garden slides, picnic tables, and merry go rounds made from a wide range of materials including timber, aluminium, thermoplastic.

A Wide Range of Safety First PlayEquipment
Regal also offers a wide array of Outdoor Playground Equipment, while specializing in the sale of the best quality range of MultiPlay Ground Equipment that are highly durable in quality, efficient and require minimum maintenance. More over, Regal's Outdoor Playground Equipment that looks attractive and stylish coloured designs are easy to install and handle, possess excellent weathering resistance finish and long service life with easy maintenance and other added safety provisions. The MultiPlay Ground Equipment introduce greater risk and a sense of thrill and encourages physical activity. Widely used in public parks, private gardens and school campus, Regal's products have captured a good share of the playground equipment market. Regal also builds a wide variety of Kids Outdoor &Commercial Playground Equipment for the complete play area.

However, Outdoor Play Equipment might not always serve the cause of keeping children physically involved. A very sunny day or a heavy downpour puts off any enthusiasm kids have to play outside. Here, indoor play areas contribute a lot to keep the excitement alive. Regal's variety of indoor play equipment for kids provides children with fun, imaginative play time and challenges
them mentally and physically. They can be installed anywhere, as well as taken anywhere, and are very convenient to use. The fun can be enhanced inside with Regal's playground equipment like climbing walls, plastic furniture and mats. The Regal's Playground Equipment are specifically designed for kids to play with comfort and extreme happiness with children play equipment. The play designs are innovatively tailored to ensure safety with Regal's play Equipment for kids.

Considering the ever increasing demand for new and innovative products, regal has a strong research team that brings out new designs and inspires further to manufacture the same

Regal's Garden Play Equipment are designed using the utmost quality. Their demand has gradually increased in the market as it ensures strong, safety and comfort to the kids. Regal has built slides for kids that are extensively proffered in garden play equipment and can be used indoors or outdoors alike. Available in a variety of sizes, Regal also offers various kinds of items with a range of best quality and highly conventional structured playground slides in a widevariety of specifications to the customers. Slides for kids are widely in demand at places such as kinder garten, play schools, community parks and other places. At the same time, Regal's Garden Swings and Slides made to be easy to install and dismantle, while assuring security and sound seating comfort. Made from nontoxic materials varying from iron to steel and other metals to wood, plastic, rubber or synthetic material, the Garden Swings and Garden Slides for kids come in all shapes, colours and sizes.

From Empire Chair and movable basketball tower to TT table, Regal has a plethora of sports installations available.

Meeting TUV Guidelines
Even though most of Regal's labour is from unorganized sector, the firm has long standing employees who have had rigorous training and are well versed in their craft. Wastage is minimal and the steel scrap is sold for recycling. "Our customer base is one who recommend us to other organizations they are truly satisfied with our price, our play equipment, our style design, and most importantly, our safety features", adds Rajeev.

Regal's Vendors or partners have been with the organization for a long time now and the relationship is based on trust and quality. Nevertheless, Regal has automated the manufacturing process wherever required. More so, Regal imports certain items and parts that are trending and gives an edge in quality and design. Regal's vendors supply TUV approved items given Regal's inclination towards quality control. The CEO's frequent visits to other countries that manufacture Play ground equipment allows him to stay in touch with the latest designs and train Regal's employees with the knowledge acquired overseas. This knowledge is then deployed to be in the forefront of latest technologies and designs.

Regal is partners with a Taiwan based company to manufacture its Play School products. The Taiwan based company is an ISO 9001 certified company and also has to its credit, international quality system CE authentication certification, obtained in the year 2000. Known for its world class products, the Taiwan based company is synonymous with high quality and safety standards. Complying with the main requirements of the European Directive (Essential Requirements), the company has obtained CE marking that can prevent all accidents from happening. The company has centres for Mould design, CAD, Marketing, Service, Technology department, Production and Quality testing management. The material used in the manufacture of the new series of play equipment solutions is galvanized fully powder coated steel tubes, which can be either powder coated or rubber coated. Additionally, the Slides, Tops, Panels and other plastic materials used are certified LLDPE materials, highly durable food grade and CE approved plastic raw material, imported from Samsung Total Petrochemical Co, Korea.

Outreach and Future Endeavours
"By carrying forward the spirit of seeking truth, innovation, quality, creation, our products are today deeply favoured by all customers", informs Rajeev. Evidently, Regal's equipment would soon be exporting to Canada, Japan, Singapore, Russia, and the Middle East. Nintendo, the gaming giant from Japan has already installed one of the largest Indoor play by Regal.

Regal's new series of Preschool Toys & Play Equipment LLDPE have been installed successfully at various places across India. "Our purpose is to let the products go deep into the minds of the people in India and overseas and let Regal products give happiness and health to all the children using them", adds Rajeev.

With over six decades of existence providing the very best, and an ever growing customer base, Regal envisions only growth and higher returns in the years to come all adhering to its best practices and safe & quality play equipment."Quitters never win and Winners never Quit, we are Winners, MY WORK IS CHILDS PLAY",concludes Rajeev.