Prana Solar: Determined to Offer Cutting Edge Solar Power Solutions

Vinayraj K M,Managing Director

Vinayraj K M

Managing Director

Our electricity production has expanded over the years to match the demand of an ever expanding population. Today, the power produced in the country is mostly from coal (53%)- a depleting natural resource predicted to not last beyond 2040-50. Nevertheless, still more than 72 percent population living in villages and half of the villages remain without electricity. Fossil fuel and other conventional sources alone cannot cater to this market of surging demand and skewed geographical distribution of demand. We need a healthy mix of renewable sources particularly Solar to achieve energy-security in the coming years.

Prana Solar is a company formed in 2012 with the high vision of being the most competitive service provider in the solar energy sector. “During the inception, Prana Solar had noticed a serious gap in the type of products and services being offered in the non utility scale market. Most EPC companies were working on unhealthy margins and only competing to become the cheapest. Therefore we decided to change the situation by setting out our value system on three main pillars i.e Trust, Passion and Engineering Excellence,” says Vinayraj K M, Managing Director, Prana Solar.

The renewable energy firm offers various services such as Solar Power Plant EPC, Solar Plant Design & Consultancy, Truss & Roofing Works, Electrical Design & Execution, Energy Audit, and Plant Operation & Maintenance. “The services include a complete turnkey solution for solar plants. Prana Solar helps to process loans, getting approvals and also maintain the plant with AMC. Our principle job is to design, construct
and maintain solar power plants. Nevertheless, we are gearing up to foray into new areas of the renewable energy value chain suiting our interest and expertise; we need to nurture a passion for the greater cause. The firm offer products only from the best OEMs in the market with proven longterm and efficient performance. Our flagship offering is the P-ROOFTM, waterproof roofing solution with solar panels. The client can avoid the expense of roofing sheet and make a dead investment earn savings over the 30-year service life,” says Anirban Sil, Executive Director, Prana Solar.

Prana has served various clients over the years such as College of Architecture, Trivandrum one of the most premium architecture colleges in South India, Sree Narayana Institute of Technology, Adoor, DD Silver Stone Apartments, Kochi G+18 apartment, AMRI Hospitals and many more.

“We did not take the easy route by trying to offer the cheapest; we persevered to provide the best. Today we are proud to see more than 80 percent of our new orders coming through pastclient reference and recommendations. We take our values very seriously at each stage of the EPC value chain client education, design and configuration, sourcing of components, execution and after sales support. Since formation we have kept our focus clear on the net benefit to our immediate stakeholder the Clients and also on our biggest stakeholder the Environment,” pinpoints Vinayraj K M.

Prana Solar is a company formed in 2012 with the high vision of being the most competitive service provider in the solar energy sector

The factor that differentiates the firm from that of its counterpart is the best in class electrical & structural design, solar simulation, and shading analysis and monitoring software. “We have a trained team of electricians and welders, SOPs and Quality checklist for each stage of execution of projects. We also have a feedback mechanism enabling customers to rate us directly on our website and social platforms. We celebrate our competence in the capability to make projects viable in the short and long terms equally with competitive pricing and superior quality of product and workmanship. We believe that to serve our biggest stakeholder, the environment, we need to nurture a passion for the greater cause,” explains Anirban Sil, Executive Director, Prana Solar.

The firm is growing at 30 percent revenue CARG for the past two years. “We plan to maintain and achieve higher values in the coming years. Our VISION is to take part in this ‘energy revolution’ by accelerating the adoption of solar technology across India to conserve our environment and provide a sustainable & conflict free power supply to all,” concludes Vinayraj K M.