Praras Biosciences: A Pioneering Business Organization that Emphasizes on Customer Satisfaction

Dr. Sujata Ojha,Chief Operating officer

Dr. Sujata Ojha

Chief Operating officer

Praras Biosciences is a pioneering business organization that was incorporated in 2007 and the company has been able to create a niche in the food and beverages industry by offering world class bio chemicals that helps their clients to increase the quality of their final products as well as making their operations more cost-effective as well. The company operates with a motto of 'SARVA BHUTA HITE RATAH''(For The Well-Being Of All Earthly Elements) and aims to continuously improve the quality of their products, develop new solutions, better processes, and ensure growth for all of their stake holders.

"We manufacture specialty bio chemicals as solutions for products and process improvement in the food and beverages industry. We are an application research-based company and the products that we create are based on the requirements of the customers. We have an R and D lab which follows all the standards set by the government. Praras Biosciences offers a comprehensive range of biochemicals which add value to the food making process. These products improve the quality as well as shelf-life of our customer's products.In the baking industry segment, we have a range of products that we offer to the clients. The bromate free bread improvers provided by us enhance the structural and sensory
characteristics of the final product. In the food industry, we also have premix products for the eggless cakes and we have a range of BISCAMAZE' products, and biscuit improvers that aids in texture and overall quality in biscuits.

Praras Biosciences ensures that the quality of their products are class-leading and this commitment to offer the best has been a primary catalyst behind the success of Praras Biosciences

Apart from all this, we also have a range of processing aids for the food industry", says, Dr. Sujata Ojha, Chief Operating Oficer, Praras Bioscienceswhen asked about the products offered by Praras Biosciences. The company ensures that the quality of their products are class leading and this commitment to offer the best has been a primary catalyst behind the success of Praras Biosciences.

While talking more about their team and the future aspirations of the company, Dr. Sujata adds, "Our operational team consists of PhD's, M.Tech's & BTech's and MBA holders in various fields in the other departments. We also do regular quality checks to ensure the consistency of the products. We support our customers with detailed product literature containing the specifications and application of the said product. Besides we also have a technical support team to help them if and when the need arises. We also have higher quality standards that we set internally and this has always been a priority for us to make sure that we offer the best products to our customers consistently. Owing to the fact that, we are in the food and beverages industry, we follow all the rules and regulations that are in place. We are a certified FBO (Food Business Operator) with FSSAI. In addition, we are a GFSI certified unit and follow the standards therein to cater to the global market. We are also FSSC 22000 certified which is an international body. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and the emphasis we have given on constant innovation has helped us to not only create but also maintain an impressive clientele. Our customer base is largely in the Indian food and beverages industry but we have been exporting our products to the international market for some years now. Going forward, our focus is on the food industry owing to the fact that we are well established in the beverages space. To serve this purpose, along with strengthening the marketing team we have strengthenedour R&D team with Food technologists".