Wipro PES: Accelerating Clients' Digital Transformation Journey

Whether you’re an organization joining the digital revolution to surge ahead of your competition in today’s dynamically evolving hypercompetitive market, or an enterprise with an outdated product attempting to rapidly shift towards a remunerative new trend, or a company with an older yet lucrative product having difficulty with balancing the newer & older products, you’d be well aware of the challenges involved in acquiring the right team to derive the most out of the technology before it is eclipsed by a newer trend. Rather than investing their efforts in recruiting a team with relevant technical knowledge and the right team chemistry, organizations nowadays seek a vendor who have an existing team in place that can run apace with the technological revolution. However, to achieve proper RoI and a quality outcome in their digital transformation journey, they need a partner who not only can scale rapidly & invest with customers, but also has a broad and deep range of technological expertise with vast experience that would enable them to identify the pain-points right away and rapidly build a strategy to address it.

With a track record spanning over three decades in adeptly harnessing the wave of technologies that spurred the engineering revolution, Wipro (NSE: WIPRO.NS) unsurprisingly has all the elements a company requires to jump-start clients’ digital transformation journey and move it to fast lane. Kick started its PES journey with an impressive feat of delivering the first Intel i386 UNIX servers for India market to launching its certification and compliance lab ‘Tarang’ in mid-2000, Wipro has come a long way. Today, catering to nearly 500 active engineering customers (enterprises, ISVs & product companies) with 23,000 employees in the Engineering & R&D space across 36 countries, this billion dollar company has ventured into driving new age technologies like AI, 3D printing, IoT and digital solutions. Thanks to this innovative spirit, Wipro’s wattage has been glowing brightly with different analyst reports like HfS and Everest re-affirming its position as the industry leader, which stands as a testimony to its efforts in delivering the best for its clients.

“The core of Wipro’s engineering capabilities lie in our embedded and semiconductor history. With 130+ patents filed on various engineering technologies, we are poised to lead the way in engineering services,” asserts Anita Ganti, Senior Vice President & Global Head, PES, Wipro. Further singling it out as the topmost IT company are its touch and feel centers – PODS, DIGITAL LABS, INCUBATION CENTRES and TECHNO CENTRES – where customers can walk in, feel and touch all the cutting-edge technologies in its facilities worldwide and put themselves in the driver’s seat. They can fly drones, experience autonomous cars and shop virtually to experience its technologies at work. “We have four razor sharp areas of focus in engineering, namely agility, efficiency, endurance and speed. We can see shades of these values coming out in all our customer engagements,” remarks a proud Anita.

End-to-end Engineering for All Customers

A pioneer in R&D services, Wipro drives connected engineering for transforming business, process & services across industries through an end-to-end approach covering Consulting, Advisory & Business Support, Device & Module Engineering, Systems Integration, Platforms & Applications and Operations & Managed Services. The key ecosystem partnerships and data-driven engineering through connected products help Wipro in enabling ‘connected vision’ and creating business value across all stakeholders of its customers. Encompassing comprehensive solutions in product lifecycle management and product realization, the company designs and delivers new wave of intelligent products while undertaking designs of ASICs, SoC, & VLSI. “The industry-specific expertise is utilized to reduce cost of ownership for new, re-designed and enhanced products, reduce time-to-market while ensuring quality, and support design for re-manufacturing and recycling,” explains Anita. Acquiring and retaining a strong consulting team within the engineering services unit, enables the company to leverage its own engineering IPs as and when required and craft tailor-made solutions.

Wearing different hats at different times, Wipro continues with its brainstorming sessions to act, feel and realize each of the stakeholders’ expectation from the product. It all starts with donning the hat of the customer; Wipro figures out the path it would embark on if it were in their place. Post this, an advisor’s hat suggests various critical aspect of the project and strategies to achieve RoI & efficiency. This tremendously helps it when it wears the hat of an advisor who suggests various critical aspects of the project and strategies to achieve RoI & efficiency. Finally the customers’ customer hat helps Wipro gain an excellent perceptive by decoding how they will be benefited from this whole effort.
Anita Ganti,Senior Vice President & Global Head, Wipro PES

Anita Ganti

Senior Vice President & Global Head, Wipro PES

Enhanced with digital technologies such as IoT, AR, VR and AI, Wipro's smart wearables derive higher value for organizations when they embark on their digital transformation journeys

Simplifying Emerging Technologies for Customers

Wipro offers end-to-end solutions to OEMs & tier-1 suppliers in automotive space, and helps them surmount the obstacles of technology constraint, resource crunch, and tight product development whilst maintaining budgets. It provides specific solutions in infotainment (including hands free telephony) and telematics segments, body electronics, instrument clusters, electric power steering and power train, and engine management. Closely aligned with these solutions is the service portfolio comprised of product lifecycle management solutions, independent verification & validation, quality consulting, system design & integration, and hardware & software engineering (embedded & application). To address the challenges of next-gen application architecture for end-to-end business collaboration, Wipro is working on agile process, digital experience and continuous development, besides harnessing the power of sensing technologies that can execute smart decisions based on learning.

Designed for the healthcare sector, Wipro’s Remote Heart Monitoring Solution has delivered ‘Smart Healthcare’ and massive cost savings (slashing the Cardiac Remote Monitoring system’s overall cost by half and the cardiac device’s form factor by over 50 percent) vis-à-vis the bulky & expensive traditional monitoring devices. These devices enhance patient convenience by eliminating doctor visits and empower physicians to monitor patients 24x7.

Enhanced with digital technologies such as IoT, AR, VR and AI, Wipro’s smart wearables derive higher value for organizations when they embark on their digital transformation journeys. Further assisting customers in creating smart wearables based frameworks, solutions, platforms and smart devices, Wipro’s solutions help clients enable brand promotion, create smart workflows, ensure process automation and enhance field force efficiency. Select list of its smart wearable solutions includes Smart Watch & Companion apps for enterprises, Equipment Service AssistAR (Interactive MRO assistance), smARt Training (Contextually aware interactive instruction manuals), Ambulance cARe (Real-time collaboration between the Emergency Medical Technician in ambulance and ERdoctor) and V-R-Shopping (VR-based retail shopping solution).

Wipro provides Accessibility Engineering Services to enable its customers create products, devices and services for catering to the differently-abled. It helps in defining inclusive usability experiences based on real user insights and implement Front End with Accessibility experiences across platforms, devices and Assistive Technologies. Wipro has developed a Fleet management IoT Framework using a long range connectivity solution LoRaWAN that accomplishes geo location and diagnostic information tracking (vehicle & people) for secure private network over a large remote area.

Winning More Together

Encapsulating such wide spectrum of engineering services & solutions has bestowed Wipro with the luxury of providing employees the opportunity to work on the stream they are passionate about and build it further. The fact that the company has been ranked as the number one engineering service provider for seven years in a row, gives freshers and experienced engineers the confidence that Wipro’s engineering stream is not a flash in the pan. The company’s history of re-training & re-skilling employees magnetizes skilled people who endeavour to nurture their creative impulse with constant learning through publications within the company (WOOL, WINSIGHTS & others), portals, training & workshops, hackathons and meeting with speakers who are invited for annual days.

To keep the existing customers happy and attract new customers, Wipro has built a Delivery-Led Account Mining Framework called
Winmore, which empowers its employees with sharper insights & tools that educates them regarding exploring the organization, engaging clients with an un-refusable approach and store the relevant information in the portal which is accessible & available to everyone; thus ensuring ‘Together they Winmore’. Its AI portal Wipro HOLMES digitizes and automates underlying processes for integrating customer, vendor, provider & employee with enterprise systems & processes; thereby reducing the cycle time, improving productivity, migrating risk and enhance customer experience. Furthermore, its Go Digital training & assessment platform trains them to be on par with the technological evolution, while Wipro’s recently launched robotic device ‘Windy’ helps to conduct interview online.

Innovation in Everything

With machine learning taking center stage, cognitive systems are the future. Realizing this, Wipro has built its own autonomous car from scratch and drone related technologies for various end cases, which is a remarkable achievement for a services provider and a vendor. “As a mandate within the company, 22 themes (predominantly engineering services related) have been identified across Wipro with heads/leaders individually driving & deploying these themes for all customers,” responds Anita when asked about the innovations in the pipeline.

Realizing its Open Innovation approach with initiatives like research programs with Tel Aviv University and strategic investments in start-ups along with its participation in numerous alliances and forums such as Linux Foundation, IIC, and NASSCOM among others, Wipro reaches well beyond the potential of its own IP to solve real, specific problems and address tangible opportunities to create value for its client’s businesses. With its unique ‘Horizon program’, the company incubates and translates interesting ideas to scalable & commercialized products, solutions and capabilities, while its AI platform ‘Wipro Holmes’ facilitates automation of complex business & IT processes. Having invested $100 million into Wipro Ventures, the company works with startups in bleeding-edge technology areas. Besides fostering co-innovation & co-creation by bringing together ideas, technologies & agile teams through its Innovation Centers and Digital Pods worldwide, Wipro also crowdsources the power of over a million minds through Top coder, its crowdsourcing platform.

“We’ve recently launched our Silicon Valley innovation center to bring forth innovative solutions, and have also invested deeply in opening 16 digital pods worldwide to work on digital trends,” divulges Anita. Wipro recently opened development centers in California & Mexico, and is also expanding its footprint into Eastern-Europe with an automotive development center in Romania. Further fuelling its vision & mission, Wipro has been acquiring various companies like Atco I-Tek and Opus CMC (Mortgage Services) in 2014, Designit (Engineering Services) & Cellent AG (IT Services) in 2015 and HealthPlan Services (IT Services) in 2016.

Apart from being one of India’s top IT organizations, Wipro has contributed in many ways towards social responsibility and educational initiatives which has aided it in building a great brand image and goodwill. A few amongst them are Wipro Cares (educational opportunities to underprivileged children focusing on education, disability and primary healthcare), Wipro - Applying Thought in school (supported 51 Indian organizations over 15 years), Wipro-earthian (promoting sustainable thinking & action through the learning process in school & colleges countrywide) and Mission 10X (bridging theoretical & practical knowledge of engineering students and teachers).

Key Management:
Azim H. Premji, Chairman
Azim is responsible for transforming the $2 million hydrogenated cooking fat company into a $8 billion group. Besides being the first Indian recipient of the Faraday Medal, he has won numerous accolades from prestigious organizations globally.

Anita Gantia, Senior Vice President& Global Head, PES
Technology Services: Engineering and Product Design, VLSI and SoC Design, Embedded Software, HMI/UX, Software product development, Product Cloud, PLM, Industrial Automation, IoT Solutions and Product Compliance& Certification

Industries: Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Transportation, Banking, HLS, Retail, Compute, Storage & Peripherals, Energy & utilities, Media, Communication, Telecom and Semiconductor

Clients: 400+ engineering customers clients including 25 percent of the top Global 500 R&D spenders, 10 percent of the Fortune 500 & 38 percent of Fortune 50companies, and 17 percent of the world’s largest public companies