Profectus Capital: Shaping a Bright Future for MSMEs through Innovative Financing

  Bharat Mahapatra,    Head Sales & Product

Bharat Mahapatra

Head Sales & Product

The MSME lending market in India is set for remarkable growth, projected to reach INR 10 trillion by 2025, a substantial increase from the INR 4.5 trillion disbursed to MSMEs in 2020-21. This growth is fuelled by the booming digital lending sector, which saw a staggering 40 percent year-on-year surge in 2022. However, MSMEs face challenges in obtaining adequate financing. Traditional lenders, constrained by risk aversion and collateral requirements, leave many MSMEs struggling. Enter Profectus Capital, armed with a deep understanding of MSMEs' unique challenges and expertise in risk assessment. Profectus Capital offers tailored financing solutions for MSMEs in manufacturing and service clusters, empowering them to seize opportunities and drive economic progress.

Profectus Capital's Journey of Financial Innovation
Since its establishment in 2017, Profectus Capital has swiftly emerged as a pioneering force in SME financing. With a wide-reaching network spanning 24 strategically located branches, this visionary institution has diligently empowered over 1300 MSMEs, demonstrating unwavering commitment to progress. The firm serves as an unwavering ally, delving deep into the core of its customer's needs, offering a diverse array of innovative and tailored solutions crafted with ethical and transparent practices. “Anchored by a steadfast vision, we aspire to be the unrivalled partner of choice, empowering
small and medium businesses. With an in domitable spirit, we strive to unlock sustainable and extraordinary value for all stakeholders, woven together by ingenuity, values-driven practices, and unwavering service excellence”, speaks Bharat Mahapatra, Head Sales & Product (MSME Lending), Profectus Capital.

The firm has a diverse portfolio of exceptional products and services which encompasses Cluster Specific Term Loans, Working Capital Term Loans, Supply Chain Financing Solutions, and specialized funding for NBFCs and MFIs. What truly sets Profectus Capital apart is its forward-looking prowess, diverging from the conventional fixation on historical financial performance. With an astute comprehension of businesses, cash flows, and forthcoming milestones, Profectus Capital unveils bespoke solutions, exquisitely tailored to each MSME's unique essence. “We pride ourselves in our five core values ‘ITRIE’ Innovation, Transparency, Responsibility, Integrity, and Empathy. These values are deeply embedded throughout our journey with partner MSMEs”, says Bharat.

Unleashing Financial Expertise
Profectus Capital boasts a stellar team of accomplished professionals led by visionary KV Srinivasan, an esteemed alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. With diverse expertise and extensive experience in the BFSI sector, including renowned institutions like ICICI Bank and Reliance Commercial Finance, each member contributes a unique skill set. Supported by exceptional professionals and subject experts, the Profectus Capital team embodies intellectual prowess, acumen, and visionary leadership. “Our executive team members have a cumulative experience of 100+ years in the MSME sector. With their indepth industry expertise and strategic mindset, they are committed to meeting the financing needs of MSMEs. They possess distinct and practical know-how in sourcing, credit evaluation and customer servicing”, speaks Bharat.

The firm embarks on an audacious trajectory toward unparalleled triumph and pioneering accomplishments. Embracing a cluster-based funding approach and an unwavering commitment to cultivating specialized expertise, they seek to redefine the landscape of MSME financing. By 2025, they envision a remarkable Asset under Management (AUM) of INR 10,000 crore, complemented by a nationwide network of approximately 45 branches. Distinguished by its resolute focus and bespoke solutions, Profectus Capital distinguishes itself from conventional banks and NBFCs. With a resolute roadmap and a legacy of fostering growth across diverse industries, Profectus Capital shines as the vanguard of the future of MSME financing.