Provet Pharma: A One-Stop-Shop for Affordable, Human Health Risk-­Free & Quality Animal Health Care Products

Dr. Muthu Selvan,Managing Director

Dr. Muthu Selvan

Managing Director

As per the latest census of Livestock, the livestock population in India has increased 4.6 percent to 536 million. This in turn has resulted in a significant rise in many zoonotic & food-borne diseases. Needless to say, this unprecedented disease prevalence has triggered demand for animal healthcare companies to produce advanced vaccines & healthcare supplements in India. The high demand has also resulted in rapid growth in the number of companies driving the livestock market by manufacturing feed that possesses the right blend of nutrients, resulting in better quality of end products that retains proper health of the animals.

A pioneer in producing such nutritional specialty formulations is Provet Pharma Private Limited, which has been serving the Indian & over-seas markets for the past ten years. The Chennai-headquartered company holds a cumulative professional experience of more than 70 years in the industry. Leveraging this strong plinth of experience and by coupling it with its wide range of animal healthcare and nutrition products (under the Strategic Business Unit Names: AVI-NOVA, BLUNOVA, & BOVINOVA), Provet encrusts over everything from Poultry to Aquaculture segment. It not only facilitates end-to-end solutions to large operations of livestock rearing and cooperative groups, but also offers hand-picked and tailor-made solutions based on site-specific problems for
all the beneficiaries at various sectors of the industry. This makes Provet stand out amidst the flood of animal husbandry firms as it is the only one-stop-shop solution provider in the industry, and thereby empowers the livestock farmers to produce toxin-free produces with a sustainable business model.

Boasting about Provet's policies, Dr. Muthu Selvan, Managing Director, Provet Pharma, says, "At Provet, we ensure that all the products provided to our customers give them satisfactory results, complying with every quality & regulatory requirement and regulation of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as specified by WHO". He further adds, "It is our policy to ensure product improvement, manufacturing quality control & assurance, and SOPs for warehousing and logistics processes that affect the features of the final medicinal and nutritional products. All our products are relevantly recognized, measured and regulated in order to provide an assertion that each commercialized unit of all products always adheres to its pre-defined identifications and quality attributes". Furthermore, believing in evolving personal connections, Provet's team of expert-nutritionists & business managers tie-up with companies with global reputation, and good research & developmental progressions in order to constantly uplift the organization's positioning.

At Provet, we ensure that all the products provided to our customers give them satisfactory results, complying with every quality & regulatory requirement and regulation of GMP as specified by WHO

Future Road-Map
Ensuring good health of millions of animals and adding smiles to thou-sands of customers' faces, Provet steadily attempts to outstretch new heights every day with an aim to serve its customers efficiently. The company aspires to be one of the first priorities in the field of animal healthcare and productivity by offering outstanding products & services and building long-lasting relationships with its clients through a process of uninterrupted improvement. Provet is all set to be globally identified as an absolute solution provider, offering reasonable, inventive & research based Healthcare & Nutrition solutions to the holistic veterinary farming fraternity. "By the end of 2020, we are looking forward to be one of the most innovative and admired global companies in the animal healthcare & nutrition business with the industry's best practices and more than Rs.100 crore revenue," concludes Dr. Muthu.