PTRONICS: Providing Next-Generation Solar Lighting Products

Anil Raut,CEO

Anil Raut, CEO

Conserving energy, using natural energy resources, reducing carbon footprint & saving utility costs today drive many organisations. The most promising way to achieving it is with the help of smart solar-powered solutions. Empowering them with such lighting solutions is Pune-based PTRONICS, which offers wide range of energy saving LED lights, solar street/garden/wall/high mast, decorative lights, and more. Unlike the conventional lights that consume more energy, PTRONICS’ solar lights come-in with wide range and operate with dimming facility to save energy.

These lights work on dusk to dawn operation (Auto ON/OFF), meaning at evening, they will switch-on automatically and at morning, they will switch-off automatically, while charging the batteries in day time. Due to dimming facility, battery restores, as well as charges very fast even at weak sunlight/cloudy
weather. This helps in minimising the commercial cost of the products, as well as increasing the total life span of products.

"While offering one, two & five years warranty for its solar power products, PTRONICS adheres to ISO 9001:2015, RoHS & CE mark standards"

Rather than using traditional lead-acid/tubular batteries, the company uses Li-Ion/LiFePO4 batteries which are compact, lightweight, maintenance-free and more durable. Due to compact & lightweight batteries being inbuilt in the products, it also minimizes the chances of battery theft.

Cutting-Edge Innovations
PTRONICS is an innovation-driven company, and its newly developed product called solar poles which is embedded with vertical solar panels on all sides(Omni direction) are a real testament to this. Realising that the higher wattages of luminaries and single solar panel as a source result in less backup, to overcome this problem, the company uses omni-direction embedded solar panels, resulting in fast battery charging & giving the desired backup. Due to its automatic charging in daylight, slim structure, less maintenance and eco-friendly nature, these solar poles are largely used at traffic signals, gardens, construction sites, educational institutes, smart cities, smart villages, and many
other use cases.

“With the help of solar-powered products, we are lightening the remotest areas of India throughout the night,” adds Anil Raut, CEO, PTRONICS. While offering one, two & five years warranty for its solar power products, PTRONICS adheres to ISO 9001: 2015, RoHS & CE mark standards.

At innovation side, this industrial lighting leader has already developed some advanced solar-powered solutions like solar haversack to charge the battery bank/tablet/cellphone/watch, solar road stud for airports, national highways, state highways, city roads, smart cities, smart villages, private premises, solar generator, and solar tree (comprising of solar panels instead of leaves) that will gather solar energy & store in battery to be used later. It is further developing a surveillance camera to keep an eye on solar panels & enable it to control solar street lights through mobile app.

The Company with a Vision
Driven by social change, the company works with various NGOs to brighten the lives of millions across the lower strata of society. It currently serves in the rural area of India, and African countries as well. Working on such positive notes, the company has a bright future as it is making for millions.