Qodequay Technologies: Crafting Disruptive Designs and Cutting-edge Technologies

Shashikant Kalsha, Founder,Shridhar Malagi, CTO, Sunil Mane, CSOWith `Design' and `Technology' at its core, Qodequay delivers immersive experiences to the customers and drives the tech revolution. With a thorough understanding of aesthetics and core skill of technology, Qodequay works on Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, and many more.

The company works on some of the most cutting-edge technologies including AR integrated products for the retail market and construction industry that make a difference in today's world.

"In short, Qodequay helps companies build high-performing, technologically advanced, scalable, and user-friendly products that enable the customers to corner the market," remarks Shashikant Kalsha, Founder at Qodequay Technologies.

The Inception
Shashikant Kalsha- an innovative, tech-savvy, and self-motivated entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in Global MNC's towards Solutioning and Design Thinking Process, ideated Quadquay.

"We started with Data, moved to IoT, and now we are full fledge on immersive experience development for various domains. We have enabled B2B, B2C, and eCommerce businesses to promote and take their
products to consumers. Immersive Media is transforming the way users experience reality. The features like these will enable a business to engage with consumers in much better and enhanced ways. We saw how the world has changed in recent times; every while consumers want to be safe, a business wants to reach them the way where the consumer feels comfortable yet can offer the best of its offerings in the most immersive and spatial ways, they can," says Shashikant Kalsha.

One-of-a-kind Services Headquartered in Pune, Qodequay has been creating solutions with technologies like IoT, Automation, AR, VR, MR, Data Science, voice-based, and gesture-based.

"We are also creating many solutions which are touchless and gesture-based, for FnB and Industrial experiences. Touch has been a taboo in the COVID period. We are creating some very unique digital platforms and one of its kinds for the market. This is a platform for large-scale display used for Interactive 3D Projection with Motion tracking. Therefore, we got ourselves delve into creating solutions which are voice-based and touch-less operating solutions for business," informs Shridhar Malagi, CTO.

The Dextrous Team of Geeks
One of the largest AR displays in Maharashtra, Qodequay is a team of techies and creative people who have spent 20 plus years with IT services giants. They understand IT servicing and Creative solutions with a design thinking approach for the digital industry.

"Our core experience has been in Insurance and Banking domain. While we understand IT servicing and the way of doing business with digital enablement, we can bring in a cutting-edge solution to the businesses and make them stand out in their competitive market. We are innovative, fertile, and very process-driven for the experience design and business solutions along with vanguard tools & technologies," mentions Sunil Mane, CSO.

The Journey and the Future
Conceptualized in 2019, Qodequay's journey has been exceptional. Started with an app concept, now they have two verticals of Product and Services running in full throttle. In the short span, it touched 100+ clients in the eCommerce domain (200+ clients in total), launched 1 Successful Product, and had larger engagements with some established firms in the US. Qodequay's core has been developing solutions to empathize with its users, solve business problems.

“We shall be going 3 digits in Numbers soon in terms of resource counts, and join mid-scale enterprises soon,” Shashikant concludes.