Radic8: Sterilizing Indoor Air with Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

Richard Greenwood,Founder & CEO

Richard Greenwood

Founder & CEO

When we think of air pollution, it probably evokes the scenes restricted to giant industrial smokestacks, thousands of cars in gridlock traffic, or acid rain devastating the vegetation. In fact, it’s easier to believe that the air quality outside is worse than the air quality inside. But the truth however is a bitter fact.

According to the U.S’ Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), the levels of indoor air pollutants are often two to five times higher than the outdoor levels, which make the lives more unsafe under the roofs. So was for Richard Greenwood’s (CEO, Radic8) family back in 2012, when his father was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - a lung disease characterized by chronic obstruction of the lung’s airflow and hindering normal breathing. And this incident is what steered to the establishment of Radic8 - one of the most innovative & effective air purification technology providers in the world today.

The Quest for the Best
Indoor air quality is a critical factor for people who suffer from COPD. Being not ready to compromise on anything less than the best air purification technology, Richard delved deep into the market, but only to realize that the big-brand air purifiers are all basically the same - boxes with fans and filters. Efficient dust collectors (filtering down to 0.3 Micrometers), but all of the HEPA filters fail to catch nanoparticles, which are the most dangerous contaminants in the air. He travelled across the world in pursuit of the best purification technology equations in order to develop an impeccable purifier of his own, heavily banking on his technology consultancy background.

“My research lead me to a technology developed by NASA called photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) whereby a photocatalyst, which in Radic8 is Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), absorbs and reacts with ultraviolet light to create the world’s strongest oxidizing agent - hydroxyl radicals. As hydroxyl radicals have such a short lifespan, they are completely safe to humans, plants and animals whilst being the most effective neutralizers of all air pollutants,” asserts Richard. He successfully tested the waters by developing a few beta versions. Eventually in 2017, Richard launched the new Radic8 product lines and technologies, joining hands with South Korea-based INBair - a company that had perfected the clean air technology and PCO process. Today, with an ultimate range of clean air technologies and new product lines, while INBair looks after the markets in South Korea & China, Radic8 encrusts over rest of the world.

Taking Bull by its Horns
Innovation & precision has always been the key for Radic8 to
maneuver against the odds. For instance, efficient photocatalytic oxidation technology needs to produce enough hydroxyl radicals to cope with the air volume being forced through the chamber, and unfortunately this is where other PCO technologies go wrong - insufficient UV light and hydroxyl radicals to cope with the airflow going past them. Whereas, the INBair PCO reactor chamber maximizes the UV lamp’s power with ultimate reflection & refraction, and surrounds the multiple UV lamps with a matrix of specially designed TiO2 filters to produce ample hydroxyl radicals. Coupled with specially designed (to cope up with large volumes of air) PCO reactor cells, it eliminates not only dust & ultra-fine dust, but also VOCs & formaldehyde and airborne pathogens (including bacteria, viruses, mold & fungi) in every air exchange.

Innovation & precision has always been the key for Radic8 to maneuver against the odds Our biggest achievement is being able to share ‘Clean Air’ and thus helping people’s health and well-being

“We break our ‘air cleaning process’ into two categories: Air Purification and Air Sterilization, and then perfect & combine them into one product. Air Purification process uses filters to catch air pollutants, while Air Sterilization is the utilization of technology to sterilize and neutralize the nano sized particles that get through even the best HEPA filters,” adjoins Richard. This delicate process places Radic8 on top of the clean-air test results in the world currently. In fact, it’s not just about the test results, but the company recently entered the global clean air technologies competition ‘Smogathon’, placing second to Artveoli (a Silicon Valley startup with a novel artificial photosynthesis technology). It left behind hundreds of clean air technology companies from around the world.

Innovative Product Lines
Radic8 recently made a giant leap over its competitors with one of its latest developments - VK Medi, which is the only clean air technology available in the market that goes beyond effectively tackling all of the Indoor Air Quality challenges to even sense CO2 and bring in fresh air when the CO2 levels are too high. Owing to this matchless product, its South Korean partner had recently won a large government tender for deploying VK Medi in classrooms, and in turn an opportunity to protect thousands of students. Richard says, “Our biggest achievement is being able to share ‘Clean Air’ and thus helping people’s health and well-being. I love nothing more than distributors sharing the photographs of installations in hospitals, schools, nurseries, offices and wherever people congregate. It makes our hard work worth while”.

Innovation has been the mantra for Radic8 throughout its journey, and it takes no foot back en route to the future. Post two years of brainstorming, the company lately launched an exciting innovation,
INBair O2 unit- the world's first designer oxygen purifier, delivering 40 percent oxygen at two liters per minute. Well, it gives your brain a boost and keeps you on top of your A game. This mobile recreational oxygen purifier comes with a stylish headset that fits neatly around the neck just like a Bluetooth earphone without the need to attach anything to your face (for instance, mask). Highly affordable compared to medical oxygen concentrators, INBair O2 (not for medical use though) is DC powered and can be easily charged from the plug, car jack or power bank – making it fit a wider audience. In addition, to enable commercial use of the product, Radic8 has also created AIrxpresso - a coin/token operated version of INBair O2.

“We have recently launched our domestic product - Hextio, which is the most compact and effective air sterilizer available and we are looking for the right retail partners to take this to the mass market,” adds Richard. The company’s pipeline is much more interesting with a plethora of new developmental blueprints on the deck. Radic8 is all set to launch a ground breaking Modular Ductwork Sterilization System, which will be easy to retrofit and will turn ordinary ductworks into effective air sterilization chambers.

Conquering the Market with Passion & Solution
The global air purifier market is anticipated to hit $59 billion by 2021, wherein Radic8 ensures that it leverages the full wing, growing by leaps and bounds. The challenge however rests in creating awareness among the people and onboarding the right distribution partners within multifarious market sectors and different geographical locations. Radic8 has recently launched a global campaign projected towards spreading awareness – We Share Clean Air, which enable organizations to advertise the way they provide a clean-air indoor. The company on the other hand is extremely fast in broadening its distribution network into different parts of the world.

Predominantly targeting market sectors such as healthcare, education, government, hospitality, and corporate houses among others, Radic8 has already established a strong distribution network in India, where the air purifier market is forecasted to reach $209 million by 2021. Divulging his passion & love towards India and vision of helping the country with its current air pollution crisis, Richard says, “There’s a dearth of awareness in the country in terms of how air pollution affects health and what technology it takes to solve the problems. Filling this crater is our market penetration strategy in India”.

Key Management:
Richard Greenwood, Founder& CEO
Serial entrepreneur with an enviable skill of finding unique solutions to everyday problems. Sustainable and humanitarian innovations are what motivates Richard as he is passionately driving Radic8 to ever greater success.

Offices:UK(headquarter),South Korea&India(Kannur)

Offering:Air Purification+ Sterilization