Rajatdeep Overseas: Making Car Rides Secure, Convenient & Entertaining

Rajat Deep Sethi, Director, Chetan Sahni, Director

Rajat Deep Sethi, Director

Chetan Sahni, Director

Patent number 37435, filed by Karl Benz on July 3rd 1886 can in some ways be considered as the birth certificate of the world’s first automobile. Designed originally as a two seater vehicle modeled on a horse drawn carriage, Karl Benz’s design became the starting point of a revolution that catapulted into the massive global automobile market, which earned $4 trillion revenue in 2018. Propelled by Karl’s vision and the drive to innovate, the automobile sector has grown from strength to strength and has constantly evolved based on consumers’needs.

From a basic two seater vehicle, automobiles have come a long way today; and include state of the art features that enhance safety, convenience and entertainment. However, each of these innovations and feature additions has been made possible only through a keen understanding of market trends and needs of consumers. Functioning with the same innovative vigor to bring new products into the automobile accessories market is Bharat Deep Sethi, Founder, Rajatdeep Overseas Pvt. Ltd. (RD Overseas), an astute manufacturer and distributor of car accessories. The experienced automobile market expert was the first to introduce 'customizes power windows', a product that rolls up a car’s power windows automatically when the vehicle is locked. “We were the first to launch it with original car sockets and till date have the same product customizable for maximum cars on Indian roads,”narrates Bharat with a hint of gratification.

Armed with four decades of experience in the automobile accessories trade and deep understanding of the varied needs of the market, Bharat’s firm today manufactures a plethora of products such as car alarm systems, power windows, auto window closers, gear shift locks, reverse parking sensors, car entertainment systems, car audio systems and rear seat entertainment systems among others. Supplying these products to major market players such as Mahindra & Mahindra, Hyundai Mobis, and Sml Isuzu, RD Overseas operates with the core belief of not compromising on the quality of products irrespective of the cost involved. This underlying DNA has stayed intact since the very beginning when RD Overseas began its journey in 1999 manufacturing just one product.

Almost three decades since, the firm today has a product range of over 140 products. Leading the firm’s marketing strategy and product penetration is Rajat Deep Sethi(Director). “Under the supervision of Bharat Deep I work with the sales & procurement team to find the best products that offer great value to consumers,” says Rajat. Treading on fuelled by persistence, RD Overseas is committed to building products that make car rides more secure, convenient and entertaining.

Hawk’s Eye Focus on Consumer Pulse

Most businesses lay their foundation on solving a challenge being faced by consumers and RD Overseas’ story is no different. However, the difference was in the company’s approach to viewing the challenge. “We consider challenges or pain points as opportunities and they are the reason behind all our products,” says Bharat. Back in those days, customers had to roll up car window glasses manually which required extra effort and also left room for mishaps. RD Overseas thus conceptualized a design to avoid the physical pain and added power to the machinery rolling up the car window by adding motor. Although adding motor to the existing machinery was a difficult task and caused several limitations, the RD Overseas team was resolute to fix the challenge and thus found the solution to manufacture the complete machinery with motor and customized it according to the cars of that era. “That was a turning point in our journey and since then we have lived up to our legacy of making customized machinery as new cars started hitting the market,” Bharat adds. Consequently, the firm embarked on its very first OE relationship with Hindustan Motors, the oldest car manufacturers as a supplier of power windows for its cars.

Operating from a semi manufacturing unit in Delhi, the company’s journey thus began by dealing in customized power windows for cars available in India.
Gradually cars evolved and higher models had power windows in built. However, now customers were facing another issue; if they forgot to roll up the windows while leaving the car or even if they remember, it was a whole process of numerous steps to roll the windows up. This is where RD Overseas ideated ‘auto window closer’, a device that would roll up open car windows automatically whenever the vehicle was locked. The innovative product was customized according to the car type to avoid wire tampering and easy installation.

We consider challenges or painpoints as opportunities and they are the reason behind all our products

Evidenced by the company’s numerous path breaking products, it is safe to conclude that RDOverseas keeps a hawk’s eye on understanding customer needs or factors that can add a delight or convenience to their drive. Not stopping at that, the team also takes into consideration the whole process of product installation to application in order to keep all bases covered.

Kitty Full of Use Cases

Not one to stop at one successful venture, the experienced and well equipped RD Overseas team strives to launch a new product every year. The seat of innovation is the firm’s ultra modern OEM standard manufacturing plant(4,000 sq.mtrs.) situated in Haridwar. An instrumental figure in shifting the plant from Delhi to Haridwar and stabilizing the production is Chetan Sahni, Director. With a keen interest in production design, he spearheaded the transition of the plant from an assembly unit to a full fledged manufacturing facility under Bharat’s guidance. Handling all production related matters from procurement of raw materials to the end result of a fabulous product Chetan stays in direct contact with RD Overseas’ channel partners.

Products are designed and introduced on the basis of use cases and changing technology in cars; for an instance, when vehicles came with tubeless tires, in order to avoid the hassle of flat tires, RD Overseas introduced ‘tire inflators’. With a plethora of such use cases in its kitty, the company closely studies the market and develops products that could meet the current requirements and make it safer easier and convenient for customers while they are on road.

Although the firm manufactures car accessories, yet the team endeavors to customize the product according to the car in order to make it feel like a genuine car part and not simply an add on accessory. The only car accessories manufacturer with offices in all metropolitan & major cities, RD Overseas renders on field after sales support in all major cities of the country in order to support customer needs 100 percent.

Succeeding With Distribution Partner & Employee Support

Not one to believe in isolated success, RD Overseas works on a distributor supply chain model. “We believe that you cannot have the whole cake and eat it alone. Therefore, in order to fortify our presence across the nation, we need to share our profits with our partners and help them grow,”says Rajat. With 66 distributors supporting the firm’s products and over 5,000 points of sale across the nation, both stake holders are thriving in the symbiotic relationship.

Another critical contributor to the firm’s successful run in the rather competitive market is RD Overseas’ dedicated team of highly trained experts spread across the length and breadth of India. The 300+ member strong team is engaged in providing the best services with centralized complaint management system from the firm’s headquarter in New Delhi. Having imbibed the founder’s values, priority towards customer service, quality management and updating the changing needs of the consumers as well as channel partners, the team works on the field collecting feedback from channel partners, consumers and customers.

Along with dedication towards client success, the team also strives to sharpen its arsenal of knowledge and industry know how. The highly trained team’s capability to deliver technical products with PAN India fitment and strong after sales support are unparalleled in the industry. “None of this success is possible without a robust and hands on training system and centralized focus on quality. All our employees undergo stringent training under professional guidance and OJTs are part of our work culture,” explains Bharat. Following an open and transparent work environment with a relatively
flat hierarchy, employees are encouraged to approach their superiors in case any issues arise. The direct benefit of these policies is thus passed on to end consumers.

Known to be innovators in the field, RD Overseas is now working on BLE(bluetooth) technology and combining them with its flagship product, the ‘car alarm system’ to provide customers a remote free experience for locking and unlocking their car. The team is also working towards launching a 'GPS Vehicle Tracking System' with an unmatched service backup and features; other products in the pipeline are smart rear seat entertainment and other smart accessories. Having been on a high growth journey since its inception, the RD Overseas team puts its mind and soul into introducing new products to delight its customers.

"Although the firm manufactures car accessories, yet the team endeavors to customize the product according to the car in order to make it feellike a genuine carpart"

“It’s a result of our team and channel partners that in spite of a dip in the automobile trade, our company recorded a substantial growth in last financial year,” Bharat informs. Moving ahead with the same vision and its pipeline products, the firm aims to reach greater success. The company is also planning to increase its strength by adding more channel partners in order to reach even the remotest areas of the nation. For RD Overseas, the sky is the limit.


Key Management:

Bharat Deep Sethi, Founder
An automobile industry veteran, Bharat has been a part of the trade for over 30 years. With a keen understanding of consumer needs and market developments, he has been driving RD Overseas to come up with innovative products to disrupt the market and delight consumers.

Rajat Deep Sethi, Director
A graduate from Amity University, Rajat joined the family business in order to take care of marketing strategies and penetration of products in the market. Thinking and staying ahead of the technology curve, he ensures that the company adopts digital trends and offers innovative products to consumers.

Chetan Sahni, Director
A production process wiz, Chetan was the guiding light behind shifting RD Overseas’ assembly facility in Delhi to a full fledged production outfit in Haridwar. A graduate from Delhi University, he manages all production related matters from procurement of raw materials to the end result of fabulous products.

Offices: New Delhi, Haridwar, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore

Offerings: Car Alarm System, Auto Window Closers, Car Power Windows, Gear Shift Locks, Car Reverse Parking Solutions, Car Entertainment Series Like Rear Headrest Screens, Car Multimedia Players, and Multi media Screens With Different Car Mounts

Company Title

  • Incorporated in 1999
  • Launched Auto Window Closer in 2001
  • Launched Gear Shift Locks in 2002
  • Introduced a wide range of parking sensors in 2003
  • Established OE relationship with Hindustan Motors for POWER WINDOWS in 2004
  • Launched Car Alarm Systems in 2005
  • Relocated manufacturing plant in Haridwar for a benchmarking industry practices in 2006
  • Became an ACCMA member and came up with R&D facility in the Haridwar Plant also introduced video parking sensors in 2007
  • Introduced the range of REAR SEAT ENTERTAINMENT and Multimedia screens in 2008
  • Launched Bluetooth handsfree kit for cars and portable USB video player that could be attached to existing car stereos in 2009
  • Established OE relations with car manufacturing giant Hyundai Motors India Ltd. in 2010
  • Became genuine accessories manufacturer for MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA in 2011 with producing more than 15 products for them
  • Started manufacturing wiring harnesses for MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA COMMERCIAL VEHICLES in 2012
  • Entered the market of commerce vehicles by manufacturing parking and entertainment solutions for commercial vehicles in 2013
  • Build up OE relations with companies like SML ISUZU / ACE Cranes etc in 2014
  • Introduced revolutionary products like tyre inflators , vacuum cleaners as the change in market dynamics in 2015