RDL Technologies: Propelling Customers to be at the Forefront of the Industry 4.0 Revolution

Raghavendra G Shetty,  Co-Founder & CEO

Raghavendra G Shetty, Co-Founder & CEO

The Industry 4.0 is demonstrated to transform the industry into a smart one by accelerating productivity and profitability without the significant capital expenditure of the third industrial revolution. Through the implementation of smart machines and technologies(like IoT, cloud computing and cognitive computing) and utilization of more intelligible data,factories and manufacturing units can become more efficient with less downtime by acquiring the precise knowledge of the focus areas. As the immensely benefiting society keeps on placing new unfamiliar demands to industry for betterment of human life, experts anticipate that MSMEs would play a vital role in this revolution and by nimbly bringing these requirements into fruition.

Proving this prediction is RDL Technologies, which is one among the only three companies in the world to successfully roll out visible light for Communication (Li-Fi) products in the market for emerging high-speed wireless data communication without RF. Boasting of a team of highly visionary & enthusiastic engineers, the Mangalore-based company has been actively working on emerging trends like Automotive, Industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Embedded Systems.

What makes RDL the favorite choice of MNCs and startups alike is the high-quality service it provides to its customers based on their budget and time line constraints, not to mention its capability to offer support for post-production and large-scale production. With its vast decades of expertise in ODM, the company offers a unique 45-days design-to-product life cycle, supporting Quality OEM, ODM, and EMS services. “Whenever we’re given a requirement, we take-up 45 days to build the solution from scratch to produce the product sample, enabling the customer to quickly realize their ideas into product sample,” Raghavendra G Shetty, CEO, RDL Technologies.

Bringing Conception into Reality with End-to-End Solutions
RDL provides cutting-edge technologies to integrate connected devices and computing systems across IT and OT (Operational Technology). It enables enterprises to leverage their infrastructure to best-in-class IoT solutions and aims to serve customers better through greater flexibility of production and visibility of resources utilized. RDL is dedicated to provide electronics product design, software design, reverse engineering, manufacturing services, and design for EMC & approval to CE and other certifications to facilitate customer’s business to stay competitive and meet requirements in the embedded system design, IoT and Automotive domains.

RDL offers end-to-end solutions right from hardware design services, software design services, EMS services, Early Prototyping & Keypad design services till HMI (Human Machine Interface) and Enclosure design services. “With given expected function & performance of products or even just the conception, RDL could bring the conception into reality,” explains Raghavendra. Under ODM services, the company builds a solution as per the given specifications and hands over the entire original design details to customers. As opposed to the most other players that refuse to modify their products while re-branding the products under their OEM services, RDL modifies the shape & form factor as per customer’s specifications (subjected to minimum order quantity).

Indigenous Products
As the industry is moving towards 4.0, RDL, leveraging its vast automotive designing experience & industry know-how, has built a few IIoT products that customers can use to quickly install and upgrade their systems. These products collect the entire machinery data and push it into the centralized server, where the predictive analytics helps to increase RoI by showcasing machine downtime, resources utilization & other details on dashboard in real-time. Its IoT platform also offers a unique
service called digital check sheet that allows people to directly make their note systematically without any human error.

RDL has successfully conceptualized, designed, manufactured, and have been deploying an open-source hardware platform – Industrial Data Logger and its cloud variant Cloud PLC for numerous customers. The exceptional performance, RoI and improved operational efficiency offered by these products has placed RDL at the higher end of the spectrum with industrial automation giants. But it has one vital differentiator: unlike the closed source solutions of these industrial giants that lead most often to ‘reinvent the wheel’, RDL has been able to provide a promising open-source, easily operable and customizable solution with the common platform support for various IDEs along with promising better returns and minimal R&D cost.

"Whenever we’re given a requirement, we take-up 45 days to build the solution from scratch to produce the product sample, enabling the customer to quickly realize their ideas into product sample"

The product is designed to seamlessly integrate with the IoT and analytical processing systems. Incorporating carefully selected devices with minimum power requirements, up-to-date feature set and an architecture functionally partitioned across multiple controllers, the product ensures minimum downtime & interruptions on the production lines. Supporting multiple I/O options & interfaces, Data Logger is a perfect fit to build custom automation solutions. Furthermore, the complete ownership option ensures reduced supplier dependency & cost. Data Logger’s application areas include production & process monitoring, utilities monitoring, condition monitoring, environment monitoring, industrial smart grid, leakage detection, cold storage monitoring, district metering, water treatment, generator monitoring, green house warning message during calamities and standard SCADA applications.

Indino 4.0 – Intelligent Sensing
RDL’s Indino 4.0 series – Programmable Intelligent Sensing Devices for IoT & Data Analytics Applications, defines a new way of transforming factories into smart /intelligent factories for efficient & easy remote monitoring operational status of facilities such as on/off status, pressure and temperature. It supports a wide array of industrial protocols like Modbus, MQTT, JSON, RESTful, TCP/UDP, and SNMP protocol, which makes the monitoring and solution integration easier than ever for IT engineers through open-source APIs.

Indino 4.0 can be used to build the custom industrial solution for monitoring & controlling PLC & SCADA, HMI, VFD, motors, servo, valves, energy meter, actuators, relays, encoder, RFID & fingerprint readers, industrial sensors and many more. Some of its operational benefits include improved productivity, reduced downtime, maximized asset utilization, tracking trends for real-time marketing, enhanced situational awareness, sensor-driven decision analytics, and instantaneous control & response in complex autonomous systems.

RDL’s one-of-a-kind R-LiFi Nano v2 is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play evaluation platform for a wide range of VLC applications in consumer, wearables, industrial, medical and IoT markets. LiFi Nano consists of LiFi transmit module connected to the lighting LED and LiFi receive module connected to the host communicating system. R-Li-Phone, a cost-effective social innovation for providing data communication with no RF side effects and VL Glass, which can be used by blind persons for navigation as it gives audio messages about current location, are some of the products that are being exported. As a cherry on top, RDL also permits customers to build their own solutions on top of its module LiFi.

Quality First
All of these products come with a warranty period of six to 12 months. RDL thoroughly tests the products before delivery and offers customer support post-dispatch in case of issues to ensure quality. Additionally, it adheres to current best industry standard for safety & quality practices (EMI/EMC compliances across various services) and strives to be compliant with CE and FCC regulations as well.

RDL has all the necessary infrastructure & equipment inhouse,be it hardware designing, PCB designing & support, HMI,
EMS (capable of producing 1000 boards per day), keypad design services or enclosure. The company not only adopts new technologies by conducting constant R&D on emerging technologies, but also frequently upgrades its infrastructure & facilities and procures state-of-the-art manufacturing instruments to be in the forefront of the industry. Needless to say, its employees are given continued training programs on ODM aspects.

Bridging the Gap between Industry & Academy
Another core potential interest of RDL is in Research & Development on specific areas like AI/ML, embedded system development, medical instrumentation, and software development and guides trainees from institutes like Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management, Yenepoya University etc. As part of research initiative, RDL Technologies has also successfully established an IoT and Data Analytics Research Lab at IT department National Institute of Technology, Karnataka (NITK), in collaboration with Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management & Department of Information Technology, NITK, Karnataka.

The trainee/interns, with their nascent minds, learn by doing the things under the able guidance of experienced people supported by needed infrastructure to solve much-needed enlightening research problems. “We identify talented resources in the beginning year itself, motivate them, enhance their researching skills and give them a piece of the problem statement. This modular approach not only transforms the education system but also helps us to assemble the solution faster and deliver on our 45 days promise with lower-cost resources,” adjoins Raghavendra.

Scaling-up Aspirations
Planning to contribute to ODM area with new innovations, RDL is currently broadening its activities in the areas of VLC (underwater, border & point-to-point communication), smart currency, battery management system on electrical vehicle and intelligent indoor navigation system. The company is also building a humanoid for the hospitality industry that can talk and move around. Plans are afoot to grow in the AI & ML areas and bring forth various industrial automations based on IIoT 4.0.

Currently enjoying a significant revenue growth of 30-35 percent, RDL has laid out a vision for reaching 35-40 percent in the coming fiscal year. Scaling up its aspirations, RDL is all set to expand its employee strength to 100+ in coming fiscal year and launch its branch office in Bangalore, which will be followed by another office in Pune. Constantly striving to establish RDL as customer-friendly technology brand, the firm is motivated to continuously improve customer satisfaction, service & quality and firmly place India on the global map in the industry 4.0 race.

Key Management
Raghavendra G Shetty, Co-Founder & CEO
Raghavendra is a conscientious, hard working and self-motivated individual with great enthusiasm and excellent organizational & staff management skills. He is a reliable & resourceful leader,who successfully receives, assimilates & evaluates information quickly and prioritizes substantial workload in order to complete any task efficiently.


•Pitch Elevate 2018 Karnataka Winner
•MSME Best Product Innovation Award
•IESA National Makeathon Winner

•Device for Location Determination (much needed in navigational systems, it mitigates thefts, supports quick actions during disasters)

•System & Method for Hybrid Variable Length Partial Pulse Modulation (an innovative data transmission method enabling multiple bits of data to be transmitted per cycle of the signal)

•Visible Light & Infrared-based Cellular Communication (for high-speed wireless data transfers where RF could be limited, not present or even not desired).

•Precision 3 Dimensional Positioning System (For using visible light, RF wave, compass, gyro and accelerometer to determine the precision 3D positioning with less than 5cm accuracy.)