RGS FEEDS: A Pioneer & Traditional Animal Feed Manufacturer

G. Sundaram,Managing Director

G.Sundaram, Managing Director

The growing livestock population & the increasing demand for animal feed in India is driven by production of feed that possess the right blend of nutrients, resulting in better quality of end products that maintain proper health of the animals. A pioneer in manufacturing such a formulation is RGS FEEDS, which has been ruling the South Indian animal feed industry for the past four decades and is currently run by third generation entrepreneur. “We’re the only South Indian company in this industry to possess the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System certificate. Our feeds are formulated & standardized according to BIS guidelines for highly impeccable quality cattle feed under the brand name, Kamadhenu Super Cattle feed,” explains G.Sundaram, Managing Director, RGS FEEDS Manufactured under the able guidance of expert nutritionists, the Kamadhenu cattle feed encompasses a wide range of products such as Kamadhenu’s ProPlus, Kamadhenu’s By Pass Pellet, Kamadhenu’s GOLD, and for Calf, Amudham Milky Mash, and Amudham Calf Starter, as well as Amudham Goat & Sheep Feeds.
Later in 2008, S Ramamoorthy, son of Sundaram, initiated a new division called RGS Vet Nutraceuticals Coy along with a new production line to manufacture micronutrient products (Milkko-Rich, Herbocal, Lacto Bye Pass Pellets, Lact-O-Rich and Rich-Yeast) and also ventured in micronutrient supplements (Pro-biotics and feed additives) for cattle, goat, poultry & swine. The company also has the technical know-how in producing area specific mineral mixtures to meet the demand of milk producers in Tamil Nadu

"Believing in establishing personal relationships, RGS FEEDS’s team of expert nutritionists & business managers guide its customers in every step of the way"

RGS FEEDS has today evolved into the foremost choice of its esteemed clients, thanks to its state-of-the-art & automated machinery (European Pellet Mill with 1000 metric ton molasses storage tank, Auto Batching & Bagging Machine and more), which enables it to produce 400 metric tons feed per day. Despite sourcing the finest raw materials, ensuring timely delivery to customers with the best logistics, and possessing ultra-modern QC labs, its products are sold at competitive prices.

Towards Farmers & Cattle Welfare
Believing in establishing personal relationships, its team of expert nutritionists & business managers guide its customers in every step of the way. Concerned about the farmers’ uplifting & cattle’s well being, the company engages local
veterinary doctors & other artificial inseminators (government appointed) to educate livestock owners. The company also supplies potassium permanganate sachets free of cost to its customers and has even designed a veterinary first-aid kit for the farm community. “Farmers can visit our factory and see how the feed is processed & packed. We show them videos of famous HODs & leading nutritionist to give them information related to dairy & farming,” speaks Sundaram. Keeping its clients up-to-date, the company conducts cattle health camps & farmer training programmes, exhibitions & fairs and updates information on a bulletin called 'Kalnadai Arokiyam’.

The company ensures that the cattle is healthy and provides good quality and quantity of milk throughout the year, while it guarantees that every cow gives birth to one calf each year. Having ensured the good health of millions of animals and added smiles to thousands of customers’ faces, RGS FEEDS constantly strives to reach new heights every day with the sole aim of serving customers the better way.

Staying ahead of others, the company has also initiated a premiere programme for dairy processing industry called ‘Dairy Connect’ with a motto of ‘Milk & Money’. It has huge facility expansion plans and intends to rope-in new distributors /retailers across South India to provide best animal feed and become a unique compound cattle feed manufacturing company.