River Mobile Apps: Delivering New Age Banking via Mobile & Omnichannel Technologies

Anand Agrawal,Managing Director

Anand Agrawal

Managing Director

Hosting the prodigious up-trend in mobile transactions in 2015, our country is now conducting the most awaited mobile banking revolution. Top five banks of India elucidates that the mobile banking had overtaken net banking more than six months ago in terms of number of logins.Further more, according to the available statistics and market study reports, there would be about 200 million mobile banking (apps) users in India by 2020, which is a CAGR of 58 percent. However, there are significant challenges on Banks & Mobile Banking ecosystem to effectively plan and execute the ‘web-to-mobile’ paradigm shift. Located in the IT hub of Pune, River MobileApps (coined as RiverMA) is among the few companies enabling this highly entailed web-to-mobile paradigm shift to banking world through its unique and transformational bouquet of products and solutions. As the user base grows massively, and in parallel demands the technology advantage big-time, need of the hour is a multi-app strategy to address the diverse product and user base of the banks. RiverMA’s offerings are carefully engineered to serve different user segments in contrast
to conventional one size fit all approach, and this practice also enables customers to choose the solution for their target market, optimizing business value and cost savings from usage of mobile channel.

Highly customized for individual customer’s needs, RiverMA proffers a set of solutions that cover a large number of banking and financial applications

With a vision to co-create next generation of Mobile Banking apps, technology and infrastructure, RiverMA was born in 2015 as a brainchild of thought leaders from Fortune listed banking & technology companies. Today, as the mobile-savvy generation continues to redefine the savings and spending habits, the company is expertly blending the financial, telecom and retail ecosystem to showcase a new generation of products and services that address both design and technological problems associated with the mobile channels.

Products & Solutions

“One of our core offerings is ‘Bank Connect’,a product designed to address common challenges associated with mobile channel and unblock the innovation cycle for business teams,” asserts Anand Agrawal, Managing Director, RiverMA. ‘Bank Connect’ is further
augmented with ‘River Financials’ providing a leapfrog start into the world of financial apps.‘River Statement’, which brings both simplicity and style to kick start the mobilization effort, and 'River catalogue’, which mobilizes the field force with features and capabilities that can address sales & service bottlenecks, are the other two offerings from the company in the technology-products segment.

Highly customized for individual customer’s needs, the organization also proffers a set of solutions that covers a large number of banking and financial applications. The solutions index includes‘Salary Banking’ (enables a distinctive & personalized banking experience for salaried class), ‘Startup Banking’ (caters to the comprehensive financial needs of startups & SMEs), and Financial Inclusion (addresses the fundamental problems predominantly in fields of agriculture, retail and rural economy) with mobile as the key enabler.

The Pathway Ahead

Being a product company working on niche technologies with agile and design thinking as the paradigm, there is high level of learning, creativity and growth opportunities with River MA which help the team members achieve most of their professional abilities and career interests. Going ahead, apart from the plans to push ‘Financial Inclusion’, the organization also plans to emphasis on ‘Commercial Banking’ as a solution. “On the technology front, we would continue to invest in our flagship product – Bank Connect,” concludes Anand.