Rvsbell Analytics: Your One-Stop-Solution For High-Quality, In-Depth Accounting-Related Services

R. Venkata Subramani,FounderAgrowing number of workforces, as well as an increase in startup culture in India over the last decade or so, has all encouraged the expansion of markets for accounting and tax advice in India. Government initiatives such as the launch of 'Make in India' and 'Digital India' programmes are attracting significant international investment, and the sector is expected to develop tremendously by 2024.

Tremendous opportunities in the sector have pulled investors to this side. RVSBELL Analytics being established in 2020 is among the front runners and is committed to providing an application service provider that covers key areas of accounting standards mainly as per Ind AS/IFRS.

RVSBELL Analytics vests its focus on the valuation of various financial instruments following the standards of Ind AS, as well as the implementation of Ind IAS for many firms. The organization has a team of technical professionals to execute the actual software development utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

"As multiple CFOs and auditors were looking for such a solution, I realized that the software has a lot of promise on its own. I then created many cloud-based accounting and analytical tools that we provide as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

I also enlisted the assistance of well-versed, learned, and experienced individuals who were familiar with both the theoretical
and practical parts of accounting standards and industry procedures. To accomplish this goal, I launched RVSBELL Analytics a software-consulting firm that assists auditors and CFOs in meeting the requirements of accounting standards", says R. Venkata Subramani, Founder of RVSBELL Analytics.

In line with the motive behind its inception, the company showcases a wide range of services which includes Lease accounting, Expected credit loss (ECL) computation for loan portfolios, ECL for receivables portfolios, and so on. "Apart from this, we compute the fair value of the loan portfolio in accordance with Ind AS 113/IFRS 13 criteria, as well as the current interest rate applicable to each loan based on the weighted average tenure of each loan.

To calculate the discount factor, we take into account the entity's credit rating and the risk-free credit spread. Following that, we discount the net cash flows to get the loan's fair value on the valuation date. We use the bump-up-and-down scenarios to determine the fair values for sensitivity analysis, mostly for disclosure purposes. It also includes disclosures following the Standard's criteria", shares Venkata Subramani.

RVSBELL Analytics, the brainchild of CA R. Venkata Subramani, who worked as the Chief Operating officer (COO) of a hedge fund administration company headquartered in New Jersey, US, and product manager for hedge accounting at Calypso Technology, has a strong foundation, as its founder has a wide experience and skill set in this particular field.Future

RVSBELL Analytics is on the pathway to creating several other cloud-based applications covering the entire range of accounting standards to make life easy for cfos and Auditors

RVSBELL Analytics is on the pathway to creating several other cloud-based applications covering the entire range of accounting standards to make life easy for CFOs and Auditors. Change is the one constant, and the company is always reinventing itself so that it can eventually be valuable to society. It took several iterations until it found the perfect blend of each of these elements, and they faced these issues early on rather than later. Apart from being up to date on the newest changes in accounting rules, the organization also learns and adapts to new technologies, and as a result, it is at ease working with its engineers. The organization keeps itself up to date and works tirelessly to ensure customer happiness.