S - Cube Futuretech: Building Integrated Technologies that Power Optimal Engineering

Sajit V R Nair, CEOGood software is the DNA that runs in a good business. Software can often be ambiguous and its direct impact on business is not always visible easily. However, with critical operations relying on software systems, it is important for organizations to invest their money wisely. Software is evolving as the critical factor on which the success or failure of a process relies, and what was until now considered as an instance in many companies has now evolved as the central element to success. Engineering industries are not untouched by this change. The exponential rate at which technologies are developing, altering and adapting is too fast that one cannot help but sweep away in the tidal wave of progress – whether one is ready for the change or not. Headquartered in Mumbai, S-Cube Futuretech is one such firm which was built with a primary focus to design and develop software based Process Automation and Integration Solutions for the Engineering Industry.

Established in 2012, S-Cube was the brainchild of 2 structural engineers, Sajit V R Nair and Vishwas Date who were perplexed by the lack of effective automation tool within the industry. The duo’s great experience as
practicing structural engineers and exposure to advanced computing tools in other domains helped them lay the foundations for S-cube. “The attempt was to challenge the existing fragmented ecosystem with software that worked in silos and to create a workflow that is completely automated and integrated. In effect, it was swimming against the tide into what we believed was a blue ocean. Starting small with hardly any seed capital, over the past 8 years we have grown into an established company. Our products and services power companies and projects operating in the commercial, residential,industrial and infrastructure spaces,” speaks Sajit V R Nair, CEO, S-Cube Futuretech.

S-cube Futuretech offers targeted software development services that allow companies to automate complex engineering problems delivering diligence, speed and accuracy

With a vision to revolutionize the way engineers work, S-Cube Futuretech, offers software solutions for structural engineers. S-cube’s products and applications help structural engineers integrate the design Project Life Cycle from structural planning to detailed engineering culminating in the production of design drawings and fabrication details, cost estimation and detailed documentation. “The software ecosystem for structural engineers is dotted with solutions that look at some specific aspect
of the process. There is a lack of solutions that have the workflow approach. At S-Cube’s we integrate the structural workflow and deliver a seamless process resulting in vastly improved process efficiencies. Our technologies deliver upto 75 percent savings in resources and 65 percent savings in costs,” shares Vishwas Date, Head – Engineering and R&D, S-Cube Futuretech.

S-cube Futuretech offers targeted software development services that allow companies to automate complex engineering problems delivering diligence, speed and accuracy. The expertise of the team at S-Cube ranges from working on various projects like development of 3D structural modeling and analysis software, finite element based analysis software, cost and rate analysis, design and drawing automation and organization wide cloud based engineering process delivery. The company’s wide experience, in-depth domain knowledge and expertise, understanding of the actual engineering process and prowess in software design and development has enabled it to deliver optimum solutions.

S-Cube sees beyond the immediate problem that the user is looking to solve leading to more technically astute, robust and scalable applications. With client list including esteemed companies like Power Grid Corpora[tion of India, ITC, Jacobs, Mott Mac¬Donald, Tata Consulting Engineers, Fitchner, Thermax, Larsen and Tour¬bo and many others, S-Cubes has al¬ready set the trail for others to follow. In the years to come, S-cube Future¬tech is all set to evolve as the world’s first engineering delivery process management platform.