S M Engineers: Leveraging Experience to Accurately Inspect, Repair & Calibrate Instruments under NABL Scope

Mahesh Rabade,Founder

Mahesh Rabade, Founder

The after-sales care of equipment is as important as the initial purchase. While instruments degrade & start drifting as cumulative usage increases & environmental conditions change, the key to enhance their lifespan depends on refurbishing & repairs. Unfortunately, most of the calibration providers do not provide repairing services, and that leaves the owner to go for replacement of equipment, which proves expensive. Identifying this market gap, and enabling customers to elude the unnecessary need for buying new equipment, Pune-based S M Engineers introduced repairing services along with quality test verification facility, in modern times referred as calibration services, for the first time in India in 1985 when even ISO-9000 did not exist in India.

A three-decade-old company, S M Engineers leverages its expertise to provide world-class repair services to help customers lower their total cost of ownership, avoid unplanned maintenance expenses, and improve up time. The company offers the unique facility of repairing old/ Non-functioning instruments like Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, Dials, Torque Wrenches, Height Gauges & Calibration Services for Plug, Snap
& Ring Gauges,all types of Thread Gauges, Lux Meter, Vibration, and Sound & Noise Level Meters, and Fluid Viscosity cups.

"Because of our diversified calibration activities in different fields, we are a one window service to the customer"

Encompassing Calibration from Soup to Nuts
While S M Engineers specializes in providing repairing services, it also offers a wide spectrum of calibration services for the purpose of standardizing equipment. A one-stop-shop equipped with ISO-9000 & NABL certified laboratory, S M Engineers provides expert calibration, repair, and asset management solutions for not only the equipment, but across entire test & tooling inventory. The company offers service for over 60 types of Gauges & 40 types of Instruments of mechanical (pressure, mass, weights, torque, & volume), force, viscosity, vibration, illuminance & optical field. “Because of our diversified calibration activities in different fields, we are a one window service to the customer. We provide a repairing facility also with the instrument which hardly any lab does,” says Mahesh Rabade, Founder, S M Engineers.

Backed by qualified engineers & skilled technicians, S M Engineers assists customers in optimizing equipment to their specific need. It’s this experience that enables S M Engineers to craft a tailored approach to calibrate every instrument with respect to their industry-specific need and National/International standards.

Keeping Pace with Trends
Keeping abreast of the market
trends,S M Engineers after taking feedback from the industry experts updates its services every two years, and increases the added value of its products and services. Based on the feedback, the company procures instruments and reference standards only from the authentic National and International renowned sources purely based on technical capability and best-in-class measurement uncertainty budgets. Mahesh’s two sons who have done M.S. in U.S. help S M Engineers in locating various sources with in and outside India, and in further business expansion.

This helps their team not only to procure items from countries like U.S., Germany & UK, but also procure skills on how to operate these equipment’s, through national & international trainings to their employees. This customer centric company also takes feedback from its customers every three months and offers implementation assistance, if necessary. With such expertise, the company has served & built long-term partnerships with over 600 leading companies that include L&T, Blue Star, Godrej & Boyce, Siemens, Sandvik Asia, ARAI and more.

Thanks to this holistic approach, S M Engineers is witnessing a continuous growth of 15 percent from last five years and is targeting to sustain the pace. Having triumphantly conquered 95 percent of the dimensional metrology product Calibration Services at their Laboratory, it endeavours to diversify and excel into the field of optics, illumination, vibration, and fluid flow in the next five years.