Saatvision: Unleashing Smart, High-Tech Gadgets to Elevate Security & Surveillance

Suresh Vishnu,CEOThe significance of CCTV cameras at shrines is increasing in leaps and bounds on par with the menaces. In fact, it is not just the temples, but various businesses that require high-tech gadgets that is smart enough to raise alerts in case of missing articles (especially jewellery shops), intrusion, overcrowding of people and suspicious behaviour to eliminate terrorist attacks and thefts. Leveraging 26 years of experience with a strong motto of providing security and meticulous surveillance, Saatvision excels in delivering such high-end CCTV cameras embedded with analytical software that activates alarm based on user-generated statements. In fact, Saatvision is the only company in India that has been offering a lifelong free of cost labour to service its products with a warranty of one to three years without any Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), which speaks volumes about its product quality.

In the realm of CCTV cameras, the company has been proactively equipping clients with a wide variety of Analog, High-Definition, IP (Internet Protocol), Thermal, Underwater, Spy and 3600 panoramic cameras that are highly beneficial in ensuring security and
surveillance. Sourcing CE and UL certified products from Korea, Japan, Europe and US, Saatvision adeptly addresses its client’s needs, whether it is supplying speciality cameras that can detect the exact colour of smoke for a thermal company or installing CCTV cameras that can work underwater. Saatvision also deals in cameras that can capture the video of Aeroplane moving at 400 Kms.

Sourcing CE and UL certified products, Saatvision adeptly addresses its client’s needs, whether it is supplying speciality cameras that can detect the exact colour of smoke for a thermal company or installing CCTV cameras that can work underwater

It also has cameras for jewellery shops that can constantly scan, update the article count when a person moves in a specific area, notify when a person crosses an imaginary border line displayed on the screen and trigger alarm if an article goes missing. Likewise, there are specialty cameras which can eliminate the excessive light to deliver a clear footage and show true colours for Textile industry. No wonder, Saatvision has earned some noteworthy clients like TATA Gold Plus, Tanishq, Manipal Hospitals, Hatsun, Dinamalar, Shoppers Stop, HDFC Bank and Titan to name a few.
“We don’t work on cost, but on quality,” asserts Suresh Vishnu, CEO, Saatvision, who is well known for his thirty years of unceasing research with a prodigious technical knowledge in the realm of Electronics. He adds, “Before purchasing a product, people should make a detailed survey about other similar products in the market and underlying specifications”. Keen on rendering dedicated service to its customers, the employees of Saatvision strive hard to hold up their exemplary craftsmanship. To ensure the employees are adept and punctual at work, training sessions are held every day, both at dawn and dusk. Calls received from the customers are scrutinized in an efficacious manner to assure that each one is attended and completed.

A smart in-house product that amalgamates both a CCTV camera and an alarm system into a single product has been launched by the company a month back at a very affordable cost of Rs.15,000. Another in-house product a Home Automation Switch Targeting middle income group is being sold for Rs.2,999, which is 10 percent of the cost of other home automation products. Growing its revenue at 25-30 percent per annum, the company, with offices in Salem & Bangalore, plans for a PAN India operation. The whole team of Saatvision with a service-oriented goal is looking forward to developing more such high-tech gadgets of commendable quality at affordable price that can cater to the needs of its customers which in turn would make the world a secure place to live.