Safetico: A Brand Renowned for its Range of Highly Innovative Engineered Fall Protection Systems and Personal Protective Equipment

Sushil Singh,    Director

Sushil Singh


Safety is vital in every workplace and as such, should be addressed if optimal performance of the people is sought. Personal Protective Equipment’s should be provided in adequate number and quality with strict adherence to the set standards, to protect employees from workrelated risks. We're talking about everything that has to do with the safety of each individual employee, while also promoting operational excellence. The primary function of protective gear is to keep you safe from injury. Having stated that, the most significant aspect of a product is its tangibility, exchange value, utility advantages, consumer happiness, and meeting business needs must always be the fundamental functioning of any particular product.

Safetico has perfectly positioned itself as a reputable designer, manufacturer and exporter of best-in-class quality engineered fall protection system, safety equipment, a wide range of safety gears, safety harness, and rescue systems. The company has been offering Vertex Fall Arrest system, Horizontal Fall Arrest lifeline system, and other Personal Protective Equipment as per OSHA & EN standards.

“In the event of an emergency, our solutions retain the aesthetic appeal of a building while also protecting both the user and the structure.
To mention a few, our product portfolio comprises guardrails, lifeline systems, single anchor points, and personal protective equipment, as well as Vertical Fall Arrestor System, Horizontal Life Line System, and Over the Roof,” says Sushl Singh, Director at Safetico. “We meet our target market's challenges of fall protection with solutions. A good way to get more participants is to address and solve their challenges. We always put our customers first so as to perfectly meet their expectations. We believe in developing the best customer experience,” Sushil adds.

Maintaining Strict Quality Standards
Safetico is ISO 9001-2015 and 14001:2015 Certified company. Safetico has identified five major approaches to quality definition which includes philosophy's transcendent perspective, economics' product-based approach, economics' user-based approach, marketing, and operations management. OSHA specifies regulations for each of the four major areas of active fall protection for the construction Telecom, and Oil & Gas industries: fall arrest, positioning, suspension, and retrieval. Safetico complies to all standards and has constantly kept up with the newest technology breakthroughs in order to remain relevant with changing market dynamics. It has a complete digital infrastructure in place, including social media/Digital Marketing, Extended Reality, AI/ML, and Virtual Reality, among other things.

We meet our target market's challenges of fall protection with solutions. A good way to get more participants is to address and solve their challenges

Workers at heights should be able to rely on the equipment. Safetico is the first firm in the industry to be certified to do CE testing on its products. All of the products have been tested to the highest international safety standards and have a zero-accident record.

“Eliminating a fall hazard ensures that it cannot cause a fall. It is the most effective fall-protection method. Fall arrest devices prevent the user from falling while also reducing the impact force exerted on the user's body. Rescue systems guarantee that a person can save herself or others in such a way that a free fall is avoided. Going forward, we will continue to focus on bringing the needed innovation in the industry and set benchmarks,” concludes Sushil.