Sameta Metal Pro: Uplifting the Indian Sheet Metal Manufacturing Space With Quality Offerings

  Velayudham B,   FounderAs per Indian Steel Association(ISA), the steel demand is expected to grow by over 7.2 percent in both 2019-20 and 2020-21. Set up in 2009, Sameta Metal, in its essence, is a sheet metal product manufacturing unit. With over a decade of continuous dedication and effort in excelling in every sphere of this business, Sameta Metal stands tall as a proven retail fixture and storage solutions provider throughout India. Pertaining to retail fixtures, Sameta Metal has conducted a multitude of sheet metal research using updated CAD, CAM and FEA software for design optimization, stress analysis, and prototype testing to ensure par excellence product in terms of metal gauges, functionality, durability and costing.

"Our product solutions span every type of fixtures that are prevalent in today's retail world, irrespective of the material or build of the product. However, we distinguish ourselves as a manufacturing unit by providing services like from back-room storage racks to front-of-the-store baggage counter from big sized cash counters and gondolas to small peg-hooks, strip hangers and ticket holders, our retail fixture solution encompasses everything that is required to fill up a retail store from scratch. We offer Polymers and fibers which are new generation raw materials that certain customers seek. Stress Analysis tools and FEA simulations are repeatedly carried out for such requirements to bring forth the best material specs and cost-efficient product. With these methodologies, we are proficient in supplying fixtures of these materials also. We have a separately trained team for installation and rework to ensure the best possible after sales service and customer's satisfaction. We believe a thriving business demands a lot of things such as having a clear vision, ensuring completion of short term goals, organized work culture, frequent skill development sessions for employees, proper marketing and much more", says Velayudham B, Founder, Sameta Metal Pro.

"Recognized as one of the top 10 most promising retail fixture brands in 2019, store a brand of sameta metal pro is a pioneer in the indian sheet metal manufacturing Space"

Store Tech-Enabled Retail Storage Solution of Sameta Metal Pro
Recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Promising Retail Fixture Brands in 2019, SStore a brand of Sameta Metal Pro is a pioneer in the Indian sheet metal manufacturing space. With their team of skilled experts who constantly conduct business extensive research on sheet metals, Store has come a long way in the field of retail fixture. With ‘Sprint to Deliver' being their USP throughout its end-to-end infrastructure facility, it makes sure that the services and products offered by them meet all the requirements of the customers.

"We are equipped with all of the machineries and resources that are essential for turning raw materials to finished packaged products that are ready to deliver. We also offer topnotch after sales services for our clients and this has helped us to create a positive relationship with them. Our product solutions span over various types of fixtures that are prevalent in today's retail world, irrespective of the material or build of the product. Our product line starts from back-room storage racks to front of the store baggage counter and many more. With our technical and market expertise we are also able to bring forth the best material specs and cost efficient product" shares Mahesh Krishna, Founder, Sameta Metal Pro.

Additionally, the company also offers a well trained fixture installation team to ensure a
perfect and quality assured retail store setup and helps in the creation of the fixture layout plan after proper study of the available carpet area. "We believe that any product must be efficient in serving the functional purpose of it. Hence, we consider the functionality of the product as the primary aspect. The design and built are finalized after rigorous testing of the prototype conforming to every minute functional requirement be it the weight its maneuverability or its longevity. A properly packed product and keeping its safety during transit is what pleases a customer and we are aware of that" speaks Velayudham.

As a product manufacturing company, sameta metal pro values the importance of quick and efficient manufacturing, flexible fabrication processes and error free products

Practising a Tech enabled Approach
As a product manufacturing company, Sameta Metal Pro values the importance of quick and efficient manufacturing, flexible fabrication processes and error free products. The numerous technologies installed and practiced in their manufacturing unit can be enlisted in a categorized manner as:

•Design and Product Development: First step involves 2D CAD drawing/drafting of the product conforming to dimensional requirement. 3D-Models are created using Solid Works/NX10. The design, structural and material aspects are then finalized by conducting repeated simulations on the 3D-Model using FEA/NASTRAN programs. Once, all the aspects are optimized, the 3D-model is transferred to CAM for prototype manufacturing. Sameta Metal uses cutting edge 3D modeling technology in their production process to get the best possible outcome. The company has also developed a 3D CAD rendering software to make an instant display of model retail shop wherein every type of retail fixtures will be seen as 3D models that are properly distributed throughout the retail store layout. This constant strive to improve themselves has helped Sameta Metal to work with top brands such as Amazon, Myntra, Vishal, Big Bazaar, Easy day, Heritage and More to name a few.

"Retail Mart's requirements vary significantly in terms of fixture designs, built and raw material gauges. To meet such diverse needs, we have a separately dedicated team for product analysis who ceaselessly conduct store visits and provide valuable inputs to design and product development department. The design engineers create optimized 3D-Models which are simulated via NASTRAN FEA software to assess the structural aspects of the model and thus finalize the material type and specifications that suits best. Prototypes are made through CAM and real time testing is conducted which are then compared with the software generated result and eventually the conceptualized 3D-Model turns into a technologically approved physical form", elaborates Mahesh Krishna.

•Manufacturing of Prototype: CAM software AP-100 unfolds the 3D-model into basic sheet metal machining commands that directs the CNC controlled processing machines gives the final shape of the product. The machineries include laser cutting, turret punching press and bending machines of AMADA brand, Panasonic robotic welding unit, spot welding unit, tube slotting machine, shearing machine, stamping machines of different capacities, TIG/MIG/Arc Welding shop, finishing and fully conveyorised powder coating unit. All these are perfectly installed to ensure continuous assembly line and hassle free production flow. Most of these machines are CNC operated to ensure automatic precision and quality.

•Quality Check and Bulk Production: Rigorous quality assurance at each step of production and quality control measures are followed to standardize production process and eradicate quality issues. Approved prototype with respect to manufacturing, functionality, structural aspect, design and quality is then made standard for bulk production.

Paving the Path to Growth and Expansion Renowned for its quality customer support and ‘timely delivery', Sameta Metal Pro has successfully served clients like Nilgiri, Easyday, Heritage, More, Vishal Mega Mart, Amazon, Myntra and much more. To ensure total customer satisfaction, Sameta pays a lot of attention to Quality control which is a team effort wherein quality assurance starts from the inception of product manufacturing. The standard procedures to achieve Lean Kaizen, Six Sigma for process improvement, House Keeping and 4M are also regularly monitored to eradicate safety risk and production efficiency.

"Currently working on cloud based site displaying architectural development for retail shops wherein every type of retail fixtures will be seen as 3D models properly distributed throughout the retail store layout. We deem this as the next generation development to ease out planning and assessment for a retail transformation", highlights Velayudham B. Adding further about the future plans, Mahesh Krishna states, "At Sameta Metal Pro, we have upscaled our revenue growth by 1.5x last year and are keeping up with the same pace this year as well. At present, we are working on venturing into the open market and link up with general Kirana stores across India. Indian unorganized kirana store constitutes above 85-90 percent of the total retailer in India. Hence, we aspire to provide services to such stores with technology based transformation and modernized fixture installation. The idea is to enable general kirana stores to turn into a mini supermarket and help such retailers in their business growth and we are constantly striving to work towards this mission."