Sandeep Logistics: Employing Technology to Ascertain Safe & Timely Delivery

Sandeep Kaliraman, CEO,Mandeep Singh Kaliraman, Executive Officer

Sandeep Kaliraman, CEO

Mandeep Singh Kaliraman, Executive Officer

In the face of increasing demographic pressures, a number of factors have contributed to the increase in demand and supply of the trucking industry bringing about measurable changes. As customers’ demand vary drastically in tune with the emerging industry trends, Sandeep Logistics, a reputed hire carrier service provider, makes a major improvement in the field by ensuring the timely and safe delivery of logistics by leveraging technology. Unlike many other organizations that focus merely on the logistics without any care for the drivers, Sandeep Logistics thinks differently. Demarcating itself in the industry, the company takes utmost care of the drivers and other human resources involved in the supply chain management. As evidence, look no further than the fact that 72 percent of its fleet is comprised of Bharat Benz, which has crash test cabins built-in to ascertain drivers’ safety.

Kickstarted its journey in 2008 with just five car carriers and the financial turnover of Rs.31 lakh, this Gurugram-based company today boasts of a fleet strength of 350 car carrier trailers and 135 container vehicles. The company ensures safe, consistent and quality service with stringent vehicle maintenance processes, wherein it refrains from using vehicles that are older than five years of age. Furthermore, Sandeep Logistics
uses customized software for seamless overall operations management, and extensive GPS system for live monitoring of distance, speed, fuel economy, vehicle position, trips, and others.

“Our every entry is on a software designed specifically for our needs, even from the smallest voucher to movement of vehicles and at which stage they are in (for example loading, running and others). Our computers are controlled by a server, ensuring consistency and clutter-free user interface,” explains Sandeep Kaliraman, CEO, Sandeep Logistics. Having a strong administrative team with around 50 latest manned computers in place, it facilitates the smooth functioning of its business which is fully systematic and computerized. With its efficient transportation and maintenance of logistics, it has improved the export competitiveness resulting in cheaper prices for consumer goods.

The company ensures safe, consistent and quality service with stringent vehicle maintenance processes, wherein it refrains from using vehicles that are older than five years of age

Consistent & Quality Services via a PAN India Network

Servicing PAN India, the company is currently operating in all the four geographical zones of India, specifically into the transportation of vehicles, cars from both OEM business customers (Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai Motors, Toyota and others) and individual customers. Sandeep Logistics’ habit of never saying ‘no’ to trips anywhere in India and its extremely less response time to customers have endowed it with awards like Quality Deliver – East Zone (2017) Awards by Maruti. No wonder, it has received praises like – “We at Mahindra truly value your patronage. We will work closely to further strengthen this relationship in the years to come.” – Signed by Anand Mahindra himself. Also catering to the container segment (20-30 ft. single & multi axel), Sandeep Logistics has parking in prominent locations such as Gurgaon, Bechraji (Gujarat), Pune, Chennai, Siliguri, Dabaspeth (Bangalore), Haridwar and more.

With a view of expanding its business, Sandeep Logistics is on the roll to invest in Data Analytics & Management and is also exploring the tangent of data integration. Beholding a double-digit revenue growth of 28 percent now, this Rs.64 crore worth company aspires to be a Rs.100 crore company by the year 2020 through its consistent and quality service.