Santwissen: A Trusted Personal Safety & Care Companion

Varun Mohandru,CEO & MDIs India unsafe for women and even children? While asserting a 'yes' may stir heated debates in the country, the proliferating danger of kidnapping and sex crimes seems to portray an entire different and unfortunately a dark side. On the positive note, the country is turning towards state-of-the-art technological breakthroughs to transform itself into a safe and stress-free destination. It was not long back when a tech-savvy engineer Varun Mohandru (CEO & MD) sensed the dire need for such solutions. The current adversities not only made him feel dreadful, but also fueled him to leave his cushy job at a branded corporate to team up with business know-hows and launch a concept of a smart GPS watch-based child care and safety solution named SantWatch under the brand of Santwissen Technology Solutions in 2015, which reaped a tremendous response from the markets of India and Mexico.

Within a year, the brand was transformed from a consultancy company into a global IoC & HT (Internet of Caring & Health Things) enabler with a firm presence in India (Bangalore), Germany, Mexico and PCR. The rationale for the transformation also lies in its best
and vibrant R&D team of veteran engineers and research scientists who endeavor to leverage reliable and world-class user experience. "We, as a company, have our core strengths in the upper layers of the IoT architecture, which include Analytics, Cloud and the application," proclaims Varun. A contrivance of such forte, the IP65 water resistant wearable SantWatch is a CE, RoHS, NOM-certified device. Architected with advanced innovations that encompass connectivity, positioning and care, the watch owns facilities like GPRS, Bluetooth, SOS alerts, authorized calls, wear-off detector, collision detector, pedometer (motion sensor) and even mosquito repellent. "We have also designed a smartphone application called SantWatcher which allows guardians/parents to configure and access various functionalities of the watch," adds Varun.

Carved a niche in hospitality & healthcare industry through its smart communication device , santwissen is currently in the beta phase of its next innovation.

The Unique Proposition

Carved a niche in hospitality & healthcare industry through its smart communication devices, the company is currently in the beta phase of its next innovation termed SanTracker, which focuses on the care and safety of women and elderly population, particularly with Alzeihmer patients. Also, understanding the essence of
fetching information from sensors and noting the dire need of a standard architecture that is intrinsic enough to accommodate the integration of different hardwares, the company is building a platform which will not only suffice the needs, but also enable interoperability across multiple devices built on the platform.

The strategic solutions of Santwissen that solve real social problems are successful in not only gaining appreciations like leadership award (All India Achievers Foundation) and incubation support from German Indo Business Centre, but also in building trust and emotional connection with society. The same has been a driving force for its family of employees to proffer the best. Backed by open and non-hierarchical culture that fosters creativity, the self-driven team is also groomed by conferences and weekly brainstorming sessions that help them to espouse the latest breakthroughs, current problems and strategies to salvage the same. The organization currently fields a team of 16 people and envisions expanding its R&D team in India. The company is open for dialogue with potential investors and VCs to power its legacy of seamlessly delivering evolutionary solutions.