SashiBhusanKar & Grandson: Pioneers in Offering Tailor-made Natural Fibre Products

Abheek Kar,CEO & Business Head

Abheek Kar

CEO & Business Head

With a long history of serving society, natural fibres are essential in a plethora of applications. In the 21st century, these fibres co-exist and compete with synthetic fibres, particularly in terms of sustainability, biodegradability, quality, and economy of production. In recent times, increasing awareness about the consequences of synthetic materials on the ecosystem has resulted in the development of ecofriendly materials. Demand for commercial use of natural fibrebased composites in several industrial and manufacturing sectors is also rising. A company that continues the tradition of using natural fibres in manufacturing and exporting products is a Kolkata based 120year old pioneer called SashiBhusanKar &Grandson. Concentrating on its soul elements quality, trust, and the best price, SBKG delivers any variety of ropes, ropes accessories, and other products in jute, sisal, manila, and coir based on clients' requirements. The company's unmatched expertise lies in manufacturing a varied range of industrial and domestic products made from 100 percent natural fibres that are purely biodegradable and non-polluting. It uses highquality raw materials, deploys advanced machines, and conducts several inspections to ensure global quality standards compliance and manufacturing practices. Today, SBKG's products have been appreciated globally, including in the
U.S. the Middle East, Japan,Malaysia, Vietnam, and more. "We are mainly into natural fibres as they are 100 percent natural, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-polluting, and, moreover, these fibres have been running for centuries. Our product offerings also have the same traits,"says AbheekKar, CEO & Business Head of SBKG.

The company's unmatched expertise lies in manufacturing a varied range of industrial and domestic products made from 100 percent natural fibres that are purely biodegradable and non-polluting

An Awe-inspiring Journey
From the early 20th century, the founding father Late Mr. SashiBhusanKar ushered in an era of innovation and laid down the principles that made the company successfully climb the crescendo of eminence. Mr. Kar, the innovator of the jute processing system and product diversion commerce in India, started the business in 1901 in an approximately 30 sq. ft. shop with a big veranda in Bara Bazar, the existing old shop. He contributed significantly to the modernization of manufacturing machines and the commercialization of various jute by products throughout India. In the early years, SBKG was into the trading business of jute items such as ropes, wires, and bags in the domestic market of West Bengal. Later on, in the mid 20th century, the company diversified its business with a 360-degree approach and started producing and selling yarns, twines, balls, and several other industrial products made out of natural fibres. The legacy and the family tradition have been well adopted and carried successfully by Mr. Kar's son, grandson Ram Narayan Kar, MD, and his pro-grandson AbheekKar. To meet the growing demand for other natural fibre products in sisal and manila during the 1980s, SBKG ventured into manufacturing and selling these products in India. It acquired new machinery and introduced advanced fibre processing, splicing, dyeing, treating techniques to ensure quality and variety in the produced items. In the early 21st century, SBKG became one of the largest producers and domestic sellers of natural fibre products in jute, sisal, and manila. In 2011, SBKG started exporting these products to international markets, and since there was no looking back. "We intend to promote the use of natural fibre products throughout the industry. Our products are used in various industries, including the hardware industry. We introduce new products for industries like carpet, handicraft, and home furnishings every six months or year,” he concludes.