Saturn Fibre: Organizing the East India's FRP Products Market with Turnkey Solutions That Breathe Quality

Sujit Kumar,Founder & CEO
Sujit Kumar, Founder& CEO

If children can be analogized to happiness emitting radioactive isotopes, Children’s Park is often an entire nuclear plant hosting the chain reactions of countless smiles & limitless happiness. Most of us get mesmerized by the aesthetic sight of children unleashing themselves on swings, see sows, slides,rods, and much more in the playground-a different world away from their busy schedules of school and the confinements of home. But preserving those mesmerizing little smiles inside the park by ensuring their safety is not as easy as a walk in that park. It entails a scientific approach and meticulous planning to create an indoor/outdoor play area that incorporates excellent impact absorption properties,soft landing features for tender feet,and hygiene as a pivot, besides attracting children with its colorful& engaging equipment spread out.

While the Fibre-Reinforced plastic (FRP)product manufacturers conventionally wind up with assembling/manufacturing and delivering the equipment,it's a Jharkhand -based company – Saturn Fibre(ISO 9001 - 2015)which takes FRP playground equipment manufacturing industry to the level-next bydesigning the entirepark infrastructure and tailor-making turnkey solutions centered on children’s safety, not to mention the Annual Maintenance Contract. Under the aegis of a team of industry veterans, Saturn Fibre ever since its inception in the early 2014 has always been best known for its commendable strives to not only improve the safety within the play area by offering turnkey solutions, but also organize the entire FRP products market of East India, offering anything from FRP playground equipment to FRP Dustbins, FRP Furniture, FRP Cabins, Security Cabins, Portable Toilets, and even Wedding Decoration items. It further extends its arms with services such as FRP roofing & resin lining (inside the concrete tanks).

Wisdom Ensuring Safety
The cumulative FRP manufacturing experience has paid off for the company, as Saturn Fibre today spreads safety(of children) awareness among customers, suggests the suitable infrastructure, tailor-makes equipment,and maintains it for the entire life span.“More often than not, neither customers,nor vendors are perturbed about ensuring the safety of children in terms of maintaining the preferred space between equipment, and covering the nails, bolts& nuts with plastic or rubber, among other facets. In truth, it’s the unorganized market & need for making purchases across the country what drives their focus away from the safety & quality aspects. We act as a solution to all the aforementioned predicaments,”asserts Sujit Kumar, Founder & CEO, Saturn Fibre, who boasts of an engineering background and global experience of more than a decade.
Having the strong grip of Sujit’s wisdom, Saturn Fibre disentangles the entire process by commencing its SOP right from physically visiting the site even before the talk begins, so that it can acquaint the customers with the need for land treatment & landscaping in the first meeting itself. This highly committed approach aids in finding the synergy with customers and taking them through the zeniths of playground safety. Always keeping in mind that kids are the end-users, the company constantly works on improving its designs by taking feedback from the clients and conducting regular in-house meeting.

Organizing East India Market the Saturn FibreWay
When it comes to the business end, it’s an aesthetic sight that Saturn Fibre is organizing the entire market, introducing a whole new world of cost & quality benefits to the clients. As the company brings comprehensive FRP playground equipment(and a wide range of FRP products)under one roof, customers in East India are no more in need to extend their purchase arm to Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi and Chennai, bearing huge supply chain expenses.

" We never try to impose our products on customers, but enjoy the freedom to align with their budget and recommend the suitable products"

“We never try to impose our products on customers, but enjoy the freedom to align with their budget and recommend the suitable products,” adjoins Sujit. The equitable pricing policies, the inclusion of online payment facilities, and most importantly, the EMI option further help the customers in countless ways. Just imagine the ease, when you are able to pay the equipment cost with the amount collected from the park’s entry tickets!

Quality – The Game Changer
Besides standardizing the cost, Saturn Fibre has excelled in setting new benchmarks of equipment quality – a game changer that enabled the company to stabilize its business in shut-eye time. Sujit adds,“Quality is a prime concern which intensifies when customers are not aware of the difference between FRP and other grades of plastic materials available in the market. People often fall prey to the outdoor park equipment made out of inferior plastic suitable for indoor items, only to see them damaged in a year. This influenced us to offer high quality, weatherproof,UV treated high heat resistant &dimensionally stable FRP products subjective to location of usage”.

Saturn Fibre’s manufacturing plant at Bokaro, Jharkhand that spans across an acre makes the company proud with its dedicated quality testing lab containing five experienced quality analysts. It’s not only that the 90 percent of the raw materials are imported, but also every FRP product that comes out of its lab tells the story of its baptism of quality through tests ranging from Chemical Analysis to Coating Analysis, Corrosion Analysis, Failure Analysis, Mechanical Testing, Metallurgical Analysis /Microscopic Examination, Reverse Engineering, and Weld Testing. Its 40 people strong workforce also incorporates a dedicated customer
support team that ensures seamless services well-beyond the warranty period

It's Time to Conquer Higher Altitudes
After ensuring successful and active contribution in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – one of the Union Government's flagship campaigns, Saturn Fibre today is indulged in a handful of government & private sector projects across East India, giving rise to a much bigger requirement – up-scaling its infrastructure capabilities. The company addresses this flaring need with its decision to open another manufacturing facility within the next two months.

" Always keeping in mind that kids are the end-users, Saturn Fibre constantly works on improving its designs by taking feedback from the clients and conducting regular in-house meeting"

Despite being a four-year old startup, Saturn Fibre has come a long way from where it began the journey, growing exponentially – to the tune of around 30 to 35 percent year over year. The company believes that it has found its yellow brick road, and that confidence significantly fuels its future plans as well. “Our vision is quite lucid - becoming the most reputed company in the field of FRP manufacturing. To achieve this, there is no shortcut other than being a complete FRP solutions provider by exploring new avenues in the market and cementing every block with utmost care,” concludes Sujit. In pursuit of a great vision, Saturn Fibre is already in partnership-talks with a few companies that can help it grow even faster. Apparently, a synonym of FRP products is in the making!

Key Management:
Sujit Kumar,Founder & CEO
A self-motivated and competent leader with an expansionist mindset, Sujit possesses more than 14 years of industrial experience across multinational companies. He is a wizard in management aspects like plant operations, process optimization, procedure development, project management,new product development and implementation of Industrial safety and environmental norms, which have been instrumental in the growth of Saturn Fibre.

Office: Bokaro


•Playground Equipment(from swings to see sows,slides,riders, and much more)
•FRP storage tank
•FRP Roofing Sheets
•FRP Plain Sheets
•FRP Dustbins
•Garden Benches
•Garden Chair Seats
•Wedding Decoration Items
•FRP Cabins
•Labor hutment
•Security Cabins
•Portable Toilets, Mobile toilet, Bio toilet
•School Benches

•FRP Lining Services
•FRP Roofing Sheets Installation Services