Satyam Venture Engineering Services: Providing Comprehensive Engineering Solutions to the Automotive Industry

An ideal outsourcing solution provider can be a value-adding long term partner to its customers when it can address the latter’s technological and cycle time requirements as well as budget limitations, while ensuring the required quality, efficiency, reliability & data confidentiality - precisely what Satyam-Venture Engineering Services (Satven) can be counted on to achieve on a consistent basis.

Established in 2000, this Hyderabad-based company provides comprehensive solutions covering a wide range of engineering activities, including, but not limited to, Product Design & Development, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechatronics, full vehicle crash studies, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE), Dimensional Management, Should Costing, Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE), Tool & Die Design & Quality Engineering/PPAP Support, Noise and Vibration studies, Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD), and many more.

Standing apart with abilities to execute versatile work across all auto¬motive domains and deploy teams with the right skills as per customer requirements, Satven is the only company with global presence catering exclusively to the automotive industry. As an organization with engineering and sales centers in Detroit, Munich, Russelsheim, Shanghai, Hiroshima and In-dia, the company has been recognised with numerous National and International level awards such as the ‘International Quality Leadership Award’ and the ‘ECGC – D&B Indian Exporters’ Excellence Award’. Satven’s clientele currently consists of 75 active customers worldwide; this prestigious list includes nine of the top 10 global car makers and nine of the top 20 automotive Tier-1 suppliers.
Rao S Vadlamudi,CEO

Satven engineering solutions are tailor-made to fully align with customer product development and product life cycle needs

Satven’s Product Engineering Solutions cover a wide variety of activities across Product Development, Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Aided Engineering, Engineering Support Services, and Mechatronics. It provides complete Engineering Solutions covering Concept Design, Full Vehicle & Sub-system Teardown, Competitive Benchmarking, Application Engineering, and Digital Manufacturing solutions. Satven leverages advanced CAE techniques such as beam-shell analysis & adaptive solutions (designing declaratively with abstract higher order elements), which can drastically reduce development times, bridges CAD-to-CAE gaps with high levels of automation, and follows a hybrid test-CAE approach to minimize physical tests.
Satven’s engineering solutions are tailor-made to fully align with the customer’s product development and product life cycle needs. Coupling automotive engineering proficiency with customer-centric engineering support services, Satven has established a Mechatronics Lab (with SIL/HIL/MIL Testing, MBD Development, ECU & PCB De¬sign). It also provides Digital Manufacturing Solutions covering Process Automation, Robotics, Ergonomic Studies, Plant Design, and Simulation for auto¬motive systems and sub-systems.

Owing to its flexible business models that align with customer growth strategies, Satven has been able to achieve an impressive customer retention rate of 95%. Its relentless quest for high quality standards & continual improvement is fortified by certifications such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 14001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007. Satven attributes its success to the untiring and dedicated efforts of its associates, whose diligence and intellect makes all the difference to various stakeholders. “Working closely with customer engineers, our engineers have co-authored & filed several international patents together with them,” explains Rao S. Vadlamudi, CEO, Satyam-Venture Engineering Services. With over1700 engineers dedicated to Automotive Engineering solutions (out of which 85 percent are operating out of India), Satven has grown multifold to become one of India’s leading automotive engineering bureaus, consistently clocking a 20 percent annual growth rate (which is a stunning feat for a company of its size) and eyeing to grow rapidly in the years ahead.