Screenage: World-class Digital Signage Solutions for All Customizable Purposes

In a world bombarded with marketing advertisements, self-promotion poses a considerable challenge for businesses. Digital Signage is a solution that helps retailers cut through the prevailing noise and clutter by attracting and directing the attention of potential buyers. Screenage Electronics is a global front-runner when it comes to manufacturing and implementing creative and innovative Digital Signage products for corporates from across the globe. Established in the year 2008, Screenage has served thousands of customers worldwide, catering to almost 60 counties spanning Europe, the US, Middle East, and Asia.

Over 15 years of solid experience in delivering world-class Signage solutions has enabled Screenage to be in a position to provide any kind of Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage products as per the specific requirement of clients from Digital Signage, Interactive Signage's, Video walls, Interactive solutions for Classrooms as well as Corporate Board Rooms to Digital Menu Boards and Stretched Screens.

Apart from Digital Signage solutions, Screenage Electronics is also world-renowned in the manufacturing of self-servicing Interactive Kiosks for various purposes. Over the years, the group has successfully installed digital screens for international airports, metros, shopping malls, health care, advertising, retail, hospitality industry and served some of the most prominent cargo companies and restaurant chains worldwide.

Signage Solutions for the Specific Indian Requirement
After successfully catering to the global market demands for the past decade and a half, Screenage Electronics established its manufacturing facility in the city of Bangalore in India in the year 2018. In India, businesses are always on the lookout for specific components, and hence, the aspect of
customization becomes an essential feature for various clients with their specific needs. This is where Screenage comes in with a range of internationally acclaimed innovative line of customizable digital Signage solutions that fulfills the specific Indian requirements. In its relatively short presence of two years in the Indian market, Screenage has hit the ground running by successfully implementing interactive Kiosks on a massive project for Toyota nationwide. In addition to that, Screenage has also served many clients in the corporate and government sector through its B2B channel and OEM partners.

At the moment, Screenage is catering to the overwhelming demands of the Indian QSR sector, which includes some of the leading Fast Food Chain restaurants and Coffee shops with the implementation of Self-Service Kiosks. The group has further envisioned to introduce a fully automated Trolley system for the Supermarkets wherein customers will be able to make their payments on the go right in the Automated Trolley itself rather than waiting in long queues to get their purchases done.

Screenage is catering to the overwhelming demands of the Indian QSR sector, which includes some of the leading Fast Food Chain restaurants and Coffee shops with the implementation of Self-Service Kiosks

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Bangalore, and another upcoming manufacturing set-up in the city of Hyderabad, Screenage aims to deliver cutting-edge, international standard Digital Signage products and interactive Kiosks to the Indian businesses with a lower price than the international market and nationwide after-sales services so that they don't have to look anywhere else in the world thereby avoiding the hassles and expenses of shipping/ customs duty/ loss of product damages and a long waiting period of importing products from abroad.

The Covid-19 outbreak has seriously deterred the ability of businesses to spend. In-tuned with the post-pandemic world, Screenage has come up with a unique monthly subscription model for its clients in India providing HSaaS (Hardware & Software as a Service) which is an end-to-end solution for the clients thereby the clients can have the products and services with zero upfront investment. Backed by its world-class production facility and a team of seasoned Engineers and Designers, Screenage Electronics is well poised to be the leading Digital Signage Solution provider in India.