SeaKnots IT Solutions: Leveraging Technology to Give a New Dimension to ISO Tanks and Container Management

Nanda Gopal Krishnamurthy ,Director- Business Development

Nanda Gopal Krishnamurthy

Director- Business Development

A tank container is the most efficient way to transport both hazardous and nonhazardous products such as chemicals and food items with ease. Finding a suitable container type to transport goods hassle-free is as essential as discovering the right, certified partner. It’s especially important while moving specific types of goods/products in bulk. Carriers who operate Tank Containers face several challenges in their day-today tasks, particularly in the areas of intermodal transportation. The use of proven software solutions to manage daily functions will lead to optimum utilization of a carrier’s resources. They can derive full benefits by employing modern software tools with key features that include Tank Certificates Management, Job Order Management, Inventory Management, to name a few.

Significantly one of the leading global technology solutions providers to international and domestic Tank Container Operators, Tank Agency and Tank Container Leasing companies is SeaKnots IT Solutions. SeaKnots is a Chennai-based company founded in 2018 by Nanda Gopal K and Dinesh Kumar, having a demonstrated history in working in shipping and logistics for the past 20 years, and has implemented ERPs in many large and corporate environments. This gives SeaKnots a competitive advantage because they understand the business well enough to feasibly articulate into the system as per the clients' exact needs. “We seek to build friendly, longterm, committed, and business partnerships with customers, assisting them at every stage of their business route and goal to success, and eventually flourishing with them,” signifies Nanda Gopal K, Director- Business Development.
Bridging the Gaps
Nanda Gopal and Dinesh Kumar, who have extensive expertise and domain experience in shipping and logistics, witnessed a huge gap in providing technological solutions to the Tank container market globally, where only a few players controlled the entire industry with their legacy systems. SP Sundar Babu, the Finance Director & investor at SeaKnots, supports to grow and expand business multi fold with the right strategy, encourages R&D on latest technologies. Further, numerous companies in the same industry existed but were unable to provide adequate solutions, implying that global players were unable to provide affordable solutions to small and mid-size players. As a result, Nanda Gopal and Dinesh Kumar decided to establish a firm that renders tank container operators with dedicated solutions as well as a cloudbased model that is considerably more affordable than its competitors and advanced technology.

SeaKnots was established with the vision of rendering tank container operators with dedicated solutions as well as a cloud-based model that is considerably more affordable than its competitors

The cloud based solution provided by SeaKnots is a comprehensive end to-end system that allows clients to log in and out of the system from anywhere in the world. The system is principal cum agency software, in which a single product covers all of an agency's principals. In terms of feature rich software and excellent customer service round a clock, the system meets the current tank container industry standards. It aids in the streamlining of clients' Tank container operations and greater control of their Tank fleet, as well as real time status, minimal manpower, and on-the-go accessibility. Further, SeaKnots also lays its expertise in providing project-based solutions like inventory management, trading containers, and more, purely on the domestic market targeted to the dry container operators and NVOCC agencies.

We aim to equip tank container operators with the ability to automate time consuming task like maintaining certificates, due day alerts, reading the invoices, and more through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool and Dashboard which cuts down all the chaotic manual work," signifies Dinesh Kumar, Director - Sales & Business Development.

Since its inception in 2018, SeaKnots has grown multifold and carved a niche for itself in the market. The firm has spread its footprints across Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Singapore, Dubai, South Korea, and Panama as well as channel partners in Europe and South America. And as it forges ahead, the firm is looking forward to providing its solutions to the Tank Container logistics company,any business process automation and efficient container management Life cycle on the product aspect.