Seaways Shipping & Logistics: A Commemorated Name in the Indian Logistic Industry

Ratan Parvathaneni,PromoterOriginally, the term logistics refers to the process of transferring equipment and supplies to military personnel. However, it now has enormous value in a wide range of enterprises. Logistics has come a long way to become an integral component of supply chain management. It plans, implements, and oversees the storage, transportation, and distribution of resources needed or sold by a company. With such a significant role in the business and the growing demand for freight services logistics is becoming a more important aspect of a company’s success. The importance of incorporating logistics into strategies is emphasized, as it can have a direct impact on the bottom line. One of the prominent Single point Logistics Company with 30 years of industry experience is Seaways Shipping & Logistics Ltd. A firm established in 1989, Seaways Shipping & Logistics Ltd is a Hyderabad-based company having a wide network & offices. The firm is equipped with 800+ personnel with dedicated teams and experienced captains to provide the best solutions.

Seaways Shipping & Logistics is widely recognized and acknowledged for its extensive experience and profound expertise
in providing integrated and turnkey services in the shipping and logistics industries. The services offered by the firm include Bulk Logistics & offshore services, NVOCC (Container Line), Freight Forwarding(Sea & Air) & Turnkey projects, Warehousing & Supply chain logistics. “As per our tagline ‘Anchored with values,Steered by Expertise’our USP is Credibility, Expertise (Especially Captains) to handle complicated logistics bottlenecks, Network connectivity Customer trust as we provide extra cargo with minimum losses, Singlepoint contact with own NVOCC & Warehousing, PAT Logistics to transports pets & Animals,” signifies Ratan Parvathaneni, Promoter at Seaways Shipping & Logistics Ltd.

“Seaways is widely recognized for its proven expertise and deep skill in rendering integrated and turnkey services in the shipping and logistics industry

Seaways Shipping & Logistics is the pioneer in the Indian logistics industry to be a member of the Animal Transportation Association (ATA) which is accredited for animal transportation. The firm has successfully transported up to 43 animals via a Boeing 777 charter flight from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Ahmedabad, India. Seaways Shipping & Logistics is the frontrunner to set various records at Paradip port such as highest discharge rate for the largest cargo parcel size vessel to berth at the port.

Since its inception,Seaways Shipping & Logistics has grown exponentially. Even in situations such as the Pandemic, Seaways’ peers have excelled, allowing an opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities and consistency. In the last 2 years itself, the firm has grown 2x in revenues. Moreover, Seaways is adamant that cost is not always a huge factor, but that consistency and trust are the most crucial aspect in the industry. As it forges ahead, the firm is planning to ease the inventory of containers, expand freight branches at tier 2 & tier 3 cities, as well as increase warehousing space. “We envision to be the global leader, providing high-end quality services to the end-to-end requirements of our clients worldwide and thrive as the most preferred player in the industry,” concludes Ratan Parvathaneni.