Secure Power India: Promising Power Solutions with Quality, Stability and Reliability

Even after being recognized for its vast supply of electricity, India is still facing a list of issues in power and energy supply. The demand for resources is increasing and the distribution and availability of electricity in the country is less. There is a scarcity of electricity because no proper measures taken to conserve electricity also not much power back up plans designed by the government of India. With the increasing population, developing technology and large usage of electricity has lead to a shortage of power and resources. This has created a large market for power backups and the power management industry, and numerous companies are coming up with power back up products and solutions.

With a commitment to provide advanced energy solutions with the products designed in a smarter, simpler and cost-effective manner, Secure Power India was established by Deepa Shetty in 2007. Secure Power India is addressing all these challenges of the industry by offering advanced energy supply solutions with and services such as VRLA batteries covering Standard Series, Standard Series with Flame (fire) Retardant Container, Long Life Series, Hydro GEL Series, and Front Terminal Series for Telecom Applications. "I almost have 21 years of experience in the battery industry, after working in a company for a decade I noticed several gaps in this domain. Especially there were no new technologies or techniques used to manufacture batteries. Also, I saw that it is a male dominant industry, hence to break that chain I established Secure Power India along with my husband. Initially, Secure Power India was launched with a brand name `Suntech' which was renamed as `Rays' in 2017", says Deepa Shetty, Managing Director, Secure Power India.

With the USP of providing excellent products and services by using technology as a prime element, Secure Power India is making the best use of technology with the motto of providing long-life batteries to the clients. One of the prime products of Secure Power
India is Fire or Flame Retardant Containers in order to avoid fire accidents and as a safety measure. To add further, by default these fire retardant containers are offered to the clients along with the batteries.

Deepa Shetty,Managing Director

"We are one-stop solutions for all the power supply requirements. Also, in the market, there are brands who are working in this industry for more than 35 to 40 years. But most of the customers prefer us because normally the battery life will be only for three years, and the customer demands a battery with more battery life. We provide batteries with better cyclic life of minimum five years, and this is also one of the factors that have made us as a recognized brand in this domain", elucidates Deepa.

Secure Power India was established with a commitment to provide advanced energy solutions with the products designed in a smarter, simpler and cost-effective manner

The major clients Secure Power India has served over the years are in private and government bodies working across the country. To name, few are BESCOM, MESCOM, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, Indian Air Force, Wipro, Competition Commission of India, JNU, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, Union Bank of India, Central Bank of India, ONGC, BSNL and many other major companies. While describing the future roadmaps Deepa explains, "Today, we have a brand as well as a technology. We have tie-ups across the countries and have a manufacturing factory in Vietnam. To work under Make in India program initiated by Government of India, we are building a manufacturing plant in India. Our future target is to offer products that are completely manufactured in India. To promote our products globally we are setting up our associations in US as well". Apart from India Secure Power India is functioning in countries like Singapore, which is also a center for Pacific Asia and Europe.