Senanye Bio Products: Promoting Products that Contributes to the Society

Shraddha Rai ,Co-Founder

Shraddha Rai


Contributing to the society for its welfare and progress has its ways spread in millions of forms. For entrepreneurs, the kind of business they are involved can channelize benefits to the society along with earning profits to the organization. A business centred on the manufacture and production of eco-friendly products would synonym completely with the process of contributing to the society, both for the nature as well as the people. Senanye Bio Products situated at the heart of Balpa village in Dakshin Kannada district of Karnataka is a key manufacturer of dinnerware sets made from natural raw materials without any chemical add-on. Besides the focus on the production of biodegradable products, economic stability to the farmers and avenues to the customers are prioritized beyond the vision of commercial gains.

Dinnerware from Leafs
Dakshin Kannada is one of the most progressive districts in Karnataka, with Kadaba Taluk awaiting huge infrastructure set up in the supply of proper electricity. This resulted in the shutting down of businesses by many entrepreneurs. When founded in the year 2018, Senanye Bio Products had the idea of creating awareness and employment,
as well as contributing to the economic stability of the region. This pushed the company to invest in solar for manufacturing disposable products. Currently, within the vicinity of Kadaba, Senanye Bio Products is the only industry that works on solar. With a strong vision for the development of the society as a whole, utmost diligence in the processing of the product is maintained all through. The residuals of the products are burnt and later the ashes are used as fertilizer for plantations. The raw materials are largely collected from the workers as well as other farmers around the region. "The natural disaster that hit last year near Madikeri and near our areas cost a huge loss for plantation farmers. Our presence gave them a hope since we were buying the raw material for a reasonable price. We have our own plantation from where we collect raw materials from the workers who bring it", conveys Shraddha Rai, Co-founder, Senanye Bio Products. Being a social entrepreneur who intends to give employment opportunities for the rural youth, mostly women, Shraddha also teaches English at a government school and does counselling as a service.

Currently, within the vicinity of Kadaba, Senanye Bio Products is the only industry that works on solar

The raw materials for the biodegradable dinnerware sets are available only between November and April. Senanye Bio Products has its distribution market across various ecommerce platforms such as IndiaMART and Connect 2 India. By collecting products from the network of household industries the company helps them reach better market, thereby possessing an aggregator as well as manufacturing model. With around 300 varieties of cutleries in the list, Senanye Bio Products longs to include eco-friendly packaging. The company takes a lot of effort and patience in passing the knowledge about the product on where it is grown, how it is procured, and what are the benefits. Moreover, it not just equips the customer with a good product, but also with awareness about the usage. One of the biggest challenges is the poor on the ground implementation from state and central governments to promote women entrepreneurs and eco-friendly products. Senanye Bio Products foresees to expand their infrastructure to bring productive outcomes that contribute to the society.