Setup I.T.: Go-to-Provider for All Your Structured Cabling Needs

Jitesh Dasoar,FounderWhether its voice, data, or the network building management system, quality cabling is increasingly critical to the productivity of sub-systems and the whole network system itself. If the network roads are full of potholes, voice & data packets will degrade along the way, resulting in network downtime and decreased productivity. In fact, 70 percent of network downtime is due to cabling improprieties, according to industry experts. The need of the hour is adequate cabling system that will abridge the subsystems.

Setup I.T., a New Delhi-based System Integrated company backed by certified engineers and rich experience, is the master in the art of offering quality structured cabling solutions for data & voice. “We never compromise on quality. Our eminence services reduce the downtime by more than 50 percent,” says Jitesh Dasoar, Founder, Setup I.T. Under one roof, the company designs complete network topology cabling architecture for startup companies as well as redesigns (enhancing the current setup) cabling solutions for data, voice & fibre optics network at an economical rate.
Setup I.T. stands-out for its progressive vision, high-end services, offering all solution under one roof. Instilled with the affluent & competent user base and true to its core principles, this EIA/TIA compliance-oriented company also offers low voltage network cable services like prearranged cabling solutions for LAN networking solutions, Penta scanning, cabling audit services, LAN trouble shooting, data networks and other cable management services.

"Setup I.T.'s client service policy has the competence to embark on big projects and is open to the idea of commencing low budget projects as well"

Leveraging the Experience
Backed by decade+ domain experience, Setup I.T.’s client service policy has the competence to embark on big projects and is open to the idea of commencing low budget projects as well. In fact, Jitesh possesses a whopping experience of over 15 years in this space. It’s this experience that enables Setup I.T. to understand nuances like unrevealed intermittent & detrimental issues that affect structured cabling networks. The company also takes time-bound projects and annual maintenance contracts, and offers customized programs, network consulting, penta scanning of network nodes, testing, documentation and wireless designing services.

An enterprise of high propensity that is both into passive & active technology, Setup I.T.'s extensive services can be classified into IT infrastructure management, data centre management, energy specification (energy efficiency and greenhouse gas efficiency),
cabling standards for datacenter and rack design & management. Besides being specialized in server, system, network & security management, Setup I.T.'s data centre management services are inclusive of datacenter requirement along with datacenter consideration(an anthology of environmental control, low voltage cable routing, fire protection, electrical power control and security).

Equipped with full-bodied comprehensive delivery model and cohesive synergies, Setup I.T. is successfully delivering services to its clients belonging to amalgamation of ventures of varied arenas that is inclusive of insurance & healthcare, banking & financial sector, life science, retail, entertainment, leisure & tourism, energy & utilities, public sector unit, communication, and software ventures, across the globe. Bringing utmost comfort to its customers, besides ensuring availability & performance of IT Infrastructure as per SLA, Setup I.T.’s services are backed by 24x7 customer service wherein its executives address the clients’ queries.

Reaching the Epitome of Success
Incepted in 2015, Setup I.T. is acknowledged for its progressive vision, high-end services, offering an integrated solution for complete I.T. Infrastructure, and is envisioning propelling in the same space. Apart from IT infrastructure management, the company diversifies into provisioning IT facilities for gratifying business demands as well. Taking technology to chock-full, Setup I.T. is soon launching Plug and Play Cable (fibre) solutions.