Sheeba Chemicals: Researcher, Developer & Producer of Best-in-Class Automotive Care

Jatin Bagga & Ish Bagga,DirectorsBuyers or customers are the most critical stakeholders affecting the success and growth of any business venture. Therefore, a business must look through its customer’s perspective in order to catapult any product into a bestseller. “At Sheeba, we always think from the buyer’s point of view who consider quality, packaging and price as the most important parameters while picking a product,” says Jatin Bagga, Director, Sheeba Chemicals, an astute manufacturer, importer and exporter of automotive, industrial and allied products. Privy to the very pulse of clients, the New Delhi headquartered firm ensures that each of its products is user friendly in terms of buying or application while also being cost effective.

Founded in 1990, Sheeba Chemicals holds expertise in manufacturing a wide variety of advanced and innovative products for automotive, industrial and value added product sectors. Seeing customer orientation and a readiness for innovation as core components of its corporate culture, the innovative firm has been researching, developing and manufacturing best-in-class automotive care products for over 25 years.

Complete Automotive Care Product Range
The major surfaces of a car that
require protection include painted,
plastic, leather, vinyl, Rexene and rubber surfaces. Sheeba Chemicals offers universal products to maintain the original look of these surfaces. Right from facilitating a quick and easy clean to a much deeper complete showroom shine, the company’s interior and exterior car cosmetics range is wide and all encompassing. “Our product range includes polymer sealants & waxes formulated to provide long lasting shine and protection, rubber, vinyl and leather conditioners, degreasers, rust removers and premium detailing products,” says Jatin. For cleaning, the company offers high end car washes, pH balanced cleaners and glass cleaning products along with imported quality products such as microfiber towels and brushes. Additionally,Sheeba Chemicals also manufactures cleaners for engine components, rust preventive solutions and advanced surface greasing products.

At Sheeba, we always think from the buyer’s point of view who consider quality, packaging and price as the most important parameters while picking a product

Procedures to Ensure Quality
Following the DMS procedure, i.e. inhouse research and development inhouse manufacturing and the firm’s own systematic sales channel, enables Sheeba Chemicals to ensure best quality products. Additionally, the company is also empowered to react promptly to customer requirements owing to its self owned manufacturing units. Armed with a dedicated laboratory and
research chemists, all of Sheeba Chemical’s products are manufactured inhouse. With strict quality control processes in place, the company ensures that every product and packaging delivers high performance and is complaint to all relevant national and international regulations & standards. Sheeba Chemicals also utilizes EAN numbers on every product, internal barcode stickers on packs, and barcoding on internal& external packaging with safety logos to ensure safety as every step.

Staying abreast with technology and industry trends, Sheeba Chemical has semi and fully automatic manufacturing units where the team employs latest technologies such as nano-technology driven products and latest techniques for packaging. Also staying accountable to the environment, Sheeba Chemicals’ products are environment friendly and user friendly; the company doesn't use corrosive and harmful chemicals in its compositions.

Consistent Growth & Evolution
Making use of every distribution channel for its car accessories and spare parts, Sheeba Chemicals has clients and buyers from on site, retail and wholesale. With its presence solidified in 15 Indian states, the company is now focusing on setting up a bigger plant. Other than approaching OEMs for approvals, the firm is also working on importing lubricants and greases in order to expand its product portfolio.

Having started with a modest manufacturing unit to reaching a comprehensive range of products for vehicle care,Sheeba Chemicals has undergone a dynamic growth trajectory. With its unit sales crossing the 300 percent mark in comparison with last five years, the persistent firm has surely emerged as a client favourite.