Sheetala Waste Management Project (SWMP): Providing a Clean, Healthy, and Well-protected Environment

Rajender Kumar, Nishank Kaushik, Kapil Sharma & Lalit Sharma,(Team)When we were under lockdown, the earth became greener with reduced vehicle usage. But the pandemic almost saw a surge in the use of electronic gadgets and medical facilities resulting in humungous e-waste, chemical waste, bio-medical waste, and other hazardous industrial wastes. Now, imagine the tonnes of waste we will generate in the coming years! To enhance our countries waste management capacity at the pace we are generating it, a few Waste Management Solution Providers are mushrooming in India. Speaking of which, Sheetala Waste Management Project (SWMP) is the youngest hazardous waste management company in Uttar Pradesh founded by four professionals Rajender Kumar, Nishank Kaushik, Kapil Sharma & Lalit Sharma.

The company comprises some young brains in the industry to save the environment from the hazardous waste and other unseen waste lying around. The brand works entirely for the betterment of the environment. “As Honourable CM Shri Yogi Adityanath Ji (Our source of inspiration) is working tirelessly to establish big industrial hubs in UP, the state will require a proper hazardous waste handling system to cater to the waste that will generate from these industries. We are authorized by Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board, Lucknow and approved by Ministry of
Environment and Forest & Climate Change, New Delhi (MoEF&CC) and Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB),” Mentions Nishank Kaushik, Co-founder & Managing Director.

The Silver Lining
SWMP acquired Hindustan Petro Lube (Oil Refinery) in February 2021. The most important factor that is helping it have an edge over other companies is offering a hassle-free process for the disposal of hazardous waste. “We are providing all the assistance regarding formalities and compliance of hazardous waste. Our USP is that we don’t look at clients as a business opportunity only we understand their problem and try to help them,”he remarks.

Sheetala Waste Management Project(SWMP) strives to protect people and the environment from the harmful effects of Hazardous Waste, Industrial Radiations, and Industrial Pollution through continuous technology up-gradation

To offer solutions such as Hazardous Waste Incineration Facility, Pre-processing of Hazardous Waste, E-Waste Management, Discarded Drums & Containers Management, Used Oil Recycling Facility, and more, the company is equipped with the latest machinery that minimizes any adverse effect on the environment. It also has many devices such as a Heat Recovery System to retrieve the extra heat from the system.

“We are also planning to establish a Waste to Energy plant in Uttar Pradesh so that we can minimize the waste most effectively and efficiently. Also, we are aiming to set up a Construction & Demolition Waste Management Facility in the state because construction waste is one of the biggest issues for municipal departments and it is increasing day-by-day,” he says.

An Eagles Eye on Client’s Issues
While hazardous waste disposal is a crucial issue for any production company or others, complexities in the rules and guidelines of the authorities make it a much more difficult challenge- not letting the companies effectively focus on their core competency. “The main problem is that many industries even don’t know the difference between the normal waste and hazardous waste (this is not their fault as they are not specialized to do it). We at SWMP provide them a full solution for the hazardous waste disposal from identification of waste to packing, lifting and disposal,” he concludes.