Shubhashish Reliant Tekk: Delivering Befitting Enterprise Mobility Solution

Mohit Jajoo & Umesh Palshikar, Directors"Shubhashish Reliant Tekk IT services has been very competitive, quality oriented and according to our expectations. Though we were initially quite skeptical about this new venture, they did a really great job," expounds an elated Beau Green, Shubhashish Reliant Tekk's (SRT) client from Australia. One can easily find several such client testimonials praising SRT's out-of-the-box enterprise mobility solutions and services. Realizing the potential of mobility quite early, Mohit Jajoo & Umesh Palshikar, Directors, Shubhashish Reliant Tekk, incepted the company in the early eras of enterprise mobility, thus gaining early mover advantage. Today, the company claims to have successfully worked with various Fortune 500 companies and SMEs globally.

The Unique Differentiator

Thanks to the ever-present time restraints in the workplace and fast adoption of mobile, enterprise mobility has proved to be the biggest assets for companies.With global enterprise mobility industry expected to grow to $282 billion, the future looks great.India too is
experiencing the bright days and has risen to $2.3 billion from $1.7 billion in a short time.Tapping this market since 2008,SRT has carved a niche for itself and today stands as the front role player among the biggies of the industry.

With scissors and needles in hand, SRT creates tailor-made customer-centric mobility solutions with its extensive industry knowledge that enables it to comprehend clients’ needs quickly.

With scissors and needles in hand, SRT creates tailor-made customer -centric mobility solutions with its extensive industry knowledge that enables it to comprehend clients' needs quickly. The seamless access to content & development of Mobile Apps simultaneously for upper and lower layers of the market makes the company eccentric in the fragment. No wonder the company is a partner of various associations and platforms such as Mongo DB, ACQUIA and Amazon, and is well acknowledged by some of the leading organizations around the world including Appfutura and Team Hunt.

Realizing the Vision of Patron

Accelerating innovation based on location or mobile wallets, the company helps co-create a solution to suit its clients' needs. Alongside, SRT boosts clients' entire operation system through its enterprise
mobility services that has the power to change the way clients'employees' work, by automating various internal processes of the company. Solutions like TIP-POP, Car Trade, connect (Skynet Concept),Ted and Fred and Znamy, have not only addressed clients' issues effectively, but glued both parties for a long lasting relationship.

SRT's TIP-POP web and mobile application platform is created specifically for tipping (where customers can tip their service providers based on the quality of their services). The company realized the complete application and website on time with features akin to making payment of the whole service along with the tip, and if the customer is also a service provider, then he can view the payment and receipt history (payment made and tips received) while the user can search the reports by different functionalities.

The Present and Future

"The quality and dedication of our employees are what make us great.We have delivered some of the great solutions in the industry and hence we are the business leader in this technology,"says a senior official from SRT. To sharpen its arsenal of 70+ experienced personnel,SRT provides training, certification and support.The company is also engaged in supporting start-ups to grow and help them get angel funding.With plans to go global soon, the company has its pockets full and is not looking for any external funding.