Shyplite: Bringing Technology & Automation into Logistics

This rise of e-Commerce and online business industry in India has been instrumental in providing a major boost to the logistic industry. With the introduction of GST bills and other reforms in the policies, the logistic industry is certain to grow more in the coming years. But India being a very large geographical area with almost around 19,000 pin codes and the logistic industry still unorganized and scattered, online businesses now look for logistic providers who can serve most of the country’s geography without being very expensive. Shyplite is one such technology-driven logistic company which has specifically developed a B2B SaaS platform to cater the logistic needs of online sellers using automation. The company works as a logistic aggregation and automation platform where it tries to ease the load of online retailers by bringing in multiple logistic courier service providers under one roof.

Shyplite uses a specific algorithm to decides suitable couriers for shipments based on the pin code serviceability, carrier performance and other parameters, resulting in increased overall efficiency

Automated Logistics

Shyplite came into existence in
2016 after Sugam Jain(Co-Founder) who was in to an online selling business faced numerous challenges related to logistics. Sugam lost most of his money, time and manpower towards logistics and at the end decided to do something that could make the logistics efficient in the country. This is when he partnered with his college friend Parinay Itkan and founded Shyplite. Since its inception, the company has been providing single window multi-carrier services to the e-Commerce firms for more than 15,000 pin codes in the country.

With manual logistic services requiring a large number of permutations and combinations to determine which carrier should be assigned to each order based on factors such as serviceability, transit time and cost, Shyplite has eliminated all those calculations through automation by determining suitable carriers through a specific algorithm which decides suitable couriers for shipments based on the pin code serviceability, performance of the carrier and other parameters, resulting in increased overall efficiency.

“Through our previous experience in e-Commerce and logistics, the platform has been curated to follow a process which suffices majorly all the needs of our clients. The team relies heavily on the operational intelligence provided by the robust backend of the Shyplite platform,” says Sugam. The company has partnered with over 10 courier service provdiers across
Parinay Itkan,Co-Foundersthe country and also has a dedicated setting for the reverse shipment facility.

USP & Road Ahead

Shyplite bets heavily on tracking the shipments to minimize instances of fake attempts of shipments. While most of the firms working as logistic aggregators charge huge amounts for their solutions, Shyplite stands out with its single price model for all its carriers which comes with no subscription charges. “No matter which carrier is assigned for the shipment, the seller has to pay a single price only for all the couriers,” says Parinay. This New Delhi headquartered company is expanding gradually by adding more companies to its client list every day. It is also looking at the technical aspects of introducing machine learning in its services which can provide more robust feedbacks, with an aim to reduce the operational and time costs of the sellers and increase the serviceability by digitally enabling the local/regional carriers. The company is also looking to enable same day and time bound deliveries in major cities.